What is the application for industrial chillers? 2018-10-25

Industrial Water Chillers are used in many Industries

The cooling pump of industrial chilled water or other liquid is through process or laboratory equipment. Industrial water chillers are used to control the products, mechanisms and factory machinery industries. The industrial water chiller can be centralized; each unit cooling meets a variety of needs, or dispersed in each application or device, which has its own refrigerator. Each method has its advantages. It may have a combination of centralized and decentralized chillers, especially when the cooling requirement is for certain applications or use the same points, but not all.

1. In the premise of meet safety and production requirements, reduce the condensing temperature, to maximize evaporation temperature and reduce condensation temperature. Increase the transformation of the cooling tower, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the cooling water.

2. Adjust chiller equipment reasonable running load in the case of ensuring the safe operation of equipment, when the chiller has smaller power consumption unit cooling capacity when run in the 70% -80% load than running at 100% load. Use this way, you should consider the operation of the pumps and cooling tower running.

3. Preventing and reducing pipe scale to add water in order to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the condenser and the evaporator, if the water treatment is not handled well, the calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate generated by calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate heating will be deposited on the pipe. The thermal performance will decline, affecting the heat exchange efficiency of the water cooled condensing unit and the evaporator, and equipment running electricity will substantially increases. In addition to the water treatment technology, you can also take advantage of the pipeline regular automatic cleaning equipment for pipe cleaning.

4. Using refrigerator inverter device to adjust the centrifugal chiller compressor speed. After the low-pressure refrigerant goes through the centrifuge, the pressure is raised. The greater the speed of the centrifuge, the higher the pressure rises. In actual operation, the device is mostly run at non-full load. Fixed speed centrifuge equipment, results in waste of energy running at small load. Frequency centrifugal chillers can automatically adjust the compressor speed based on the load changes, which is more energy-saving.

Industrial chiller application

Function of Industrial Water Chillers

The industrial water chillers used in plastic processing machinery can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products, reduce surface marks and internal stress of plastic products, so that the products will not shrink, no deformation, easy stripping for plastic products, accelerate product styling, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the plastic molding machine; water chiller used in CNC machine tools, coordinate boring machines, grinding machines, machining centers, combination machine, as well as the transmission media of all kinds of precision machine tool spindle lubrication and hydraulic system cooling can precisely control the oil temperature, effectively reducing the thermal deformation of the machine tool, and to improve the machining accuracy. www.chillermanufacturer.net is professionally engaged in manufacturing Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Air conditioner end-equipment and Thermostatic and humidistactic Air Conditioners and glycol chiller etc.

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