Warmly welcome the 2021-12-21

It is also indecent to come and not to go. The Whampoa Classmates of the second phase of the Huagong President Class will visit the H.Stars Group's Whampoa Headquarters on Thursday, December 16, 2021, and hold a classmate exchange meeting. Everyone gathers to exchange experiences and share their own experiences. Industry experience, mutual exchange and learning, and mutual resource docking.

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Afterwards, General Manager Liu, the general manager of Guangzhou United A/C & R CO. Ltd, a subsidiary of H.Stars Group, invited all the students to visit the production workshop to understand the exquisite production technology of the company's products and the explanation and display of the core product technology.

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Finally, everyone moved to meeting room No. 9, and Ziv Yuan, deputy general manager of H.Stars Group, joined together to participate in the symposium of the students and exchange their management experience with all the entrepreneurs present. Subsequently, Liu Zhandong, general manager of Guangzhou H.Stars Refrigeration Company, gave the students an explanation and analysis of the business and management concepts of enterprise amoeba, as well as the construction and upgrading of the industrial chain, and introduced the special design of H.Stars Group for the Guizhou Wanda Plaza project. The dual-source heat pump system how did Stellar Group save more than 50% of the electricity bill for Wanda Plaza’s design plan. The students actively spoke, exchanged their thoughts and experiences, and I also sincerely thank the students for their valuable communication suggestions. Under the encouragement and guidance of everyone, H.Stars Group will not forget the original aspiration, strive for the top, and continue to make high-end and efficient heating and cooling equipment for the benefit Customers and society, strive to shine in the industry!

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Before leaving, everyone took a group photo together. The wonderful Huagong President's second phase of the Whampoa Student Club’s corporate visits was successfully concluded. Once again, we welcome the arrival of the students to share their experiences, exchange ideas, learn from each other’s advanced experience, and improve together. Good move forward!

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Thanks to the joint cooperation between Huangpu Industry and Information Technology Bureau and South China University of Technology, which regularly provides a benign platform for enterprises in Huangpu District to organize various types of training, gather entrepreneurs to collide with ideas, exchange across industries, and connect corporate resources.

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