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H.Stars Group , a Hong Kong company, with 30+ years Professional Manufacturer of Chiller, Heat pump, AHU, Heat exchangers, is looking for distributors with HVACR equipment selling experience. Competitive price with high profit margin will be offered to help distributors open the local market.

Why Us
Competitive Price

Advanced Equipment

30+ Years Experience
Top 10 Brand in China

Good After-sale Service
Exported to 53+ Countries

100+ Successful Projects Globally
100+ Innovative Valuable Patents

air cooled chiller partnership

H.Stars Brand & Technology Strength

◆ Brand advantage, China TOP 10 customized industrial refrigeration and heating equipment,

◆ 30+ years of manufacturers, self-production and direct supply, quality guarantee, trustworthy!

◆ High-tech enterprises and advanced technology enterprises with good reputation worldwide.

◆ Approved with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 management system 

Market Potential Analysis

1. The Chinese chiller market has been dominated by foreign brands for a long time. However, with the instability of the international market in recent years, domestic independent brands have gradually opened up their own markets. As a professional chiller manufacturer for 30 years, H.Stars Group currently acts as an agent for sales outlets all over the world.

2. With 30 years of development, H.Stars Group has formed an industry chain that includes accessories, mainframes, terminals, engineering design, energy-saving solutions, and air-conditioning services based on its own 8 subsidiaries.

3. Taking environmental protection, energy saving, pioneering and innovative as the corporate tenet, market demand-oriented, while focusing on energy-saving commercial central air-conditioning and industrial refrigeration equipment R&D and production, H.Stars Group also pays more attention to the segmentation of the product application market. , Beverages, pharmaceuticals, plastics, photovoltaic solar and many other industrial fields have laid a solid foundation, and accumulated our practical and efficient industry expansion model.

Partnership Terms

1. The agent must be a legally registered company or company legal person.

2. The agent must agree with H.Stars Group overall business philosophy and be willing to abide by H.Stars Group business rules and management system.

 3. The agent must have experience in the HVAC industry, or have business resources in the HVAC industry.

H.Stars Service and Support 

① Free Training

H.Stars Group organizes training courses every year, which will be lectured by the company’s sales director, technical director and project leader. Each regional agent business can select salespersons according to their actual needs. The company conducts training, and the board and lodging expenses during the training period are uniformly arranged by the head office.

② Technical Support
The company is equipped with professional sales technical engineers who can assist agents in joint sales. Agents can seek assistance from sales technical engineers at any time. For important projects, the company can also send sales technical engineers to the agents to cooperate on site.

③Promotion and product price support

For newly added agents,H.Stars Group will provide promotion support during the business expansion period, provide competitive agent product prices, and fast service to help agents open up sales.

④Customer Support

The new customer information and project information obtained by our company in this area will be handed over to the regional agent for follow-up, and the business amount belongs to the agent.

⑤ Major project support

When an agent encounters a major project, the head office can provide full support from business negotiation, plan production, tender production, bidding, and contract signing.

The Favorable Profit Margin for you
H.Stars is willing to share the business success with our distributors, with favorable profit margin and professional technical support. If you have extensive experience on selling chiller, heat pumps, AHUs, heat exchangers, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

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