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  • Industrial Chiller
    Industrial Chiller
    H.Stars Industrial Energy Saving HVAC products including: Air Cooled Chiller, Water Cooled Chiller, Industrial Chiller, Multi-function Chiller, Hot Water Unit, Heat Recovery Unit, Heat Pump Unit, Condensing Unit, Low Temperature Chiller etc.
  • Commercial Cooling Central A/C
    Commercial Cooling Central A/C
    Commercial cooling central air conditioning unit apots H.Stars patented heat recovery unit to supply free hot water for clients. Centrigual chiller etc.
  • Heat Pump
    Heat Pump
    H.Stars Commercial Heat Pump with High quality ;Outlet Temperature Range: -35°C~85°C Heating capacity range: 8.7KW -1690 kW (for Modular Type);
  • Centrifugal Chiller
    Centrifugal Chiller
    Centrifugal chiller is so reliable, so high-performing, so future-proof that once it’s installed, you may never have to think about it again. Low maintenance cost. 2 Stages Centrifugal Chiller with cooling capacity range up to 2000RT .
  • Special None Standard Chiller
    Special None Standard Chiller
    Special and none standard chiller can be customized by H.Stars with high efficiency and quality . Welcome to inquiry and build your own chiller to save cost and time !
  • Heat Exchanger
    Heat Exchanger
    UAR custom-made Shell and Tube  heat exchangers , Titanium and Stainless heat exchangers ,  for energy conversion systems are designed for high-temperature and high-pressure environments. 
  • Air Handling Unit HVAC Equipment
    Air Handling Unit HVAC Equipment
    A full-line of air handling units from standard through custom offer design flexibility to balance performance and economy without compromising quality. Air handling units providing a fresh, healthy, and comfortable environment for buildings of all sizes and different applications.
  • Cooling Tower
    Cooling Tower
    Industrial cooling tower for water cooled chillers . Water cooling:When the fluid temperature is too high(surpassing setting temperature), the spray pump automatically spray the water on the pipe wall and form water film
  • Other Cooling Equipment
    Other Cooling Equipment
    H.Stars can supply ASME chiller with high quality standard . Or other special chiller unit are welcome to send us to specially design for you as we have our own R&D department.
About Us
About Us
H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd.
        H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd.,established in Economic & Technological Development Zone of Guangzhou in 1992, composed of 8 subsidiaries to provide one-stop solution to HVAC customers, specializing in R&D, production, design and installation. As the company grows, H.Stars group expands its business globally and have sold to 53 different countries. H'Stars group is awarded "New and High Technology Enterprise in Guangzhou" and has become the training base of many universities both in China and abroad via technology cooperation.         H.Stars group supplies an extensive line of Commercial and Industrial Energy Saving HVAC products including: Air Cooled Chiller, Water Cooled Chiller, Industrial Chiller, Multi-function Chiller, Hot Water Unit, Heat Recovery Unit, Heat Pump Unit, Condensing Unit, Low Temperature Chiller, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil Unit, Cooling Tower, etc.          H.Stars group has been dedicated in quality and innovation and is technically strong in commercial and industrial application as a HVAC manufacturer. Apart from obtaining plenty of energy-saving product patents, H'Stars group has achieved CE certifications for Pressure Vessel and standard chillers, BR1, ASME, ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and other certifications.          A good reputation of H'Stars group has been built and we deliver a full HVAC service to customers worldwide. Our products are widely applied in industries for cooling of Laser generators, Welding electrodes, Cutting machines, Electric spark machines, Extrusion process, Hydraulic System, Electroplating, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Ion Plating film, Electronic facility, Electrical appliance components, Compressed Gas Dehumidification, Dairy and Beverage Cooling processing, Pharmaceutical and Biological products, Medical equipment, Glass Coating, Tempered Glass and Cultivation Sea Food.          H.Stars group will continue to develop energy saving and environmental friendly equipment to create "The Efficiency Planet" as our obligation. By focusing on customers' needs and wants in order to contribute more our potentials, from now on, H.Stars will hand in hand with you to be a shining star in the foreseeable future. 
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H.Stars uphold to "Build a Win-win Social Platform,Let's People Dance" core concept, and "Customer Change Because of US" professionalism. Through H.Stars reputation,integrity pragmatic attitude and robust development, also the independent intellectual property rights,to create a multi-product chain. Modern production base and industrial chain ,with highly integrated,specialized manufacturing enterprises. Our products including cooling equipment,HVAC equipment,industrial cooling equipment,air handling equipment and accept special custom design like explosion-proof,anti-corrosion,purification,ultra-low temperature,high temperature hot water ,cold heat recovery,recycling,and energy saving. We can tailor-make special units to integrate to our equipment ,water pumps and buffer tank together as a package unit to satisfy customer's requirement to maintain its unique competitiveness and create desired value to customers . Industrial cooling equipment is H.Stars primary business,with the sophisticated equipment and high quality service, "H.Stars" brand was established. With regards to recognition and support from majority of our customers,good brand reputation and technology leadership have been maintained in the air conditioning and cooling industry.
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  • H.Stars Group has attended Philconstruct EXPO
    H.Stars Group has attended Philconstruct EXPO
             From November 7th to 10th, 2019, H.Stars Group participated in the 2019 HVAC /R Exhibition in the Philippines and achieved complete success. This exhibition is a very important platform for companies to open the Philippine market. It attracted 507 exhibitors and attracted 62,316 businessmen. The exhibition was held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, and the exhibition area reached 31,697 square meters. Because the exhibition is located in the city center, there is a lot of customer come to our booth, and the strong promotion of the Internet platform, the effect of this exhibition is more than we expected. Therefore, a Philippine agent was successfully signed at the exhibition, which can be responsible for designing the plan, installing equipment and after-sales service. The Philippine government has greatly increased investment in infrastructure construction since 2015, with investments in airports and highways reaching more than 17 billion U.S. dollars. However, due to the relatively weak infrastructure in the Philippines and the technology's dependence on foreign countries, Chinese brands entering the Philippine market have great advantages in terms of location and price. Facing the fast-growing Philippine market and the construction of various infrastructures, industrial machines are particularly important. Therefore, the products that H.Stars Group presents in the Philippines show mainly include industrial chillers, special customized products and other equipment. Finally, we would like to thank the old customers in the Philippines for their strong support and help from local customers. H.Stars Group will provide customers with the best support with high-quality products and dedicated service spirit. Congratulations to the H.Stars Group for doing better and better in the Philippines and the global market.        If you are interested in magnetic chiller, industrial process chiller, heat pump chiller, and other hot sale products, just contact us.
  • Warmly Welcome to Visit H.Stars at Chongqing Pharmaceutical Exhibition
    Warmly Welcome to Visit H.Stars at Chongqing Pharmaceutical Exhibition
    Dear all our valued customers: You are sincerely invited as VIP by H.Stars Group to participate in the 58th National Pharmaceutical Machinery and China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition. Infinite business opportunity and big surprise are waiting for you! Exhibition time: November 5th, -07th, 2019 Booth No.: Raw Material Medicine Museum N6-29 Location: Chongqing Yuelai Avenue, Chongqing, Chongqing (Chongqing International Expo Center) Look forward to seeing you there and you are always welcome to visit our factory located in Guangzhou.
  • H.Stars Group once again successfully participated in the Indonesia Refrigeration Exhibition
    H.Stars Group once again successfully participated in the Indonesia Refrigeration Exhibition
    During October 9th to 11th, 2019, H.Stars group has successfully participated in the 2019 efrigeration & HVAC Indonesia at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia. The exhibition area is around 4,500 square meters, with 130 exhibitors with around 5500 visitors. Indonesia is not only the ASEAN large refrigeration and air-conditioning market, It will also become the ASEAN's transit base with growing demand at a rate of 15%-20% annually. The main products presented by the H.Stars Group in this Indonesia exhibition included magnetic oil free centrifugal chillers, large capacity of flooded type screw chillers and UAR shell and tube heat exchangers. This Indonesian exhibitors are all from the world's leading companies in the HVAC industry, not only have internationally renowned companies exhibiting, exhibits are mainly compressors, industrial chillers. At the same time, we have also visited several local customers to discuss the business cooperation during the exhibition. Finally, thanks H.Stars agent’s support and our Clients assistance. H.Stars Group has successfully attended this EXPO, and H.Stars will continue to provide clients with the best support of high quality energy saving HVACR equipment and offer our best service. Congratulations to H.Stars Group growing in Indonesia market ,and wish H.Stars Group will expand the global market as well in the near future.
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