• Spring Festival holiday notice!
    Spring Festival holiday notice! 2023-01-13
    Spring Festival holiday notice! Dear Customer: According to China's traditional culture of Chinese New Year, together with the company's actual situation, H.Stars Group has scheduled the Chinese Spring Festival holidays follows: Off time: January 14th to January 29th , 2023 Re-open: January 30th,2023 May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements, and a lot of new inspirations in your life. Wishing every day of the new year to be filled with success, happiness, and prosperity for you. H.Stars Group
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  • Donations activities at H.Stars Group
    Donations activities at H.Stars Group 2022-11-16
    As we all know that the success of an enterprise comes from the efforts of every employee. H.Stars Group has attached a great importance to its staff with caring for each employee, so that all employee at H.Stars can feel safe and reliable. Recently, one of the employees named Mr. Shi has been diagnosed as Early Gastric Cancel. Once H.Stars Group got this bad news,  has attached great importance to it. Chairman Mr. Yuen POK HUNG has personally instructed Mr. Ziv Yuen and Mr.  Liu Lei, on behalf of H.Stars Group, to send the company’s greetings and consolation and most importantly to give the donation of total Chinese currency at RMB ¥38361.5 to him. Meanwhile, H.Stars Labor Union has also donated RMB20000 to Mr. Shi and wish him recover soonest after the surgery. Although the disease is ruthless, yet there is always love around  the world. No matter how much donation is, we can always try our  best to help the people in need. We believe it can not only encourage Mr. Shi to be strong with great hope to overcome the disease with an optimistic attitude and recover soon, and able to  return back to H.Stars to work together as family again . Hope all the best.
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  • Congratulations to H.Stars Group rewarded with China Energy Saving Product Certification for magnetic oil free centrifugal chiller
    Congratulations to H.Stars Group rewarded with China Energy Saving Product Certification for magnetic oil free centrifugal chiller 2022-09-22
    Congratulations to H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd. for successfully passing the certification of Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd., and obtaining the "China Energy Conservation Product Certification Test Report" certificate jointly issued by the China Accreditation International Mutual Recognition Testing, TESTING, CNASL0095 Tripartite Testing Center, numbered as : JN2022-0303 Application number: V2022CQC701306-939044 Product Certification: H.Stars Magnetic Chiller Unit Testing agency: Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Test basis standard: GB19577-2015 "Limited value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grade of chiller" Test conclusion: qualified Since its establishment in 1992, H.Stars Group has adhered to the market-oriented and customer demand as the goal, and comprehensively strengthened the company's quality management system certification and product quality certification. Has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 certification, more than 20 product energy-saving certification and so on. Technological innovation is the foundation of enterprise development. The company has established an independent R&D team to continuously innovate to ensure that customers are satisfied with our products and moved by our services! Increase innovation and reform efforts, increase scientific and technological development efforts, continue to take the road of quality and efficiency, and let the company achieve greater development!
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  • H.Stars Group Internship Base for Guangzhou University Students
    H.Stars Group Internship Base for Guangzhou University Students 2022-03-07
    At 16:00 on December 31, 2021, the one-week internship for students majoring in "Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering" of Guangzhou University in 2019 was successfully completed in H.Stars Group. Yuan Bohong, chairman of H.stars Group, has always been enthusiastic about and devoted to the training of college students. Although the company is busy with business, he still attaches great importance to the internship of students. He personally participated in the specific arrangements for students' internships, requiring the general managers of the two industrial companies in the group's industrial chain to personally participate in the students' training courses, and carefully designed highly targeted internship courses combining theory, practice, and cases. Let's take a look at the wonderful moments of the students during their internship: Guangzhou H.Stars General Manager Liu Zhandong conducted pre-internship training UAR General Manager Liu Lei conducts pre-internship training Director Tan of H.Stars production workshop explained the structure of the unit on the spot After the internship, Zhang You, chief engineer of UAR, communicated with the students on technology Students who are curious about knowledge go to Chief Engineer Zhang's office for advice May Chow, the Vice President from H.Stars Group overseas department has shared a career planning course with university students On the last day of 2021, the  “Building Environment and Energy Application” majors of Guangzhou University left a precious group photo of their internship at the door of H.Stars Group. After graduation, I hope they will use what they have seen, learned, What I realize is that through career planning, it is fully integrated with the theoretical knowledge they learned in school, and they have improved in various fields. The future will belong to you!
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  • Warmly welcome South China University of Technology classmates to attend
    Warmly welcome South China University of Technology classmates to attend "Huangpu Classmates Club" at H.Stars Group 2021-12-21
    Courtesy on one side only lasts not long. May Chow, an Export Deputy General Manager of H.Stars Group, has invited the Classmates of South China University of Technology to attend the "Huangpu Classmates Club” at H.Stars Group Headquarters in Huangpu district in Guangzhou, on Thursday morning, December 16, 2021. Everyone gathered to exchange and share their own experiences both in management and industries through mutual learning.  Afterwards, General Manager Liu, the general manager of Guangzhou United A/C & R CO. Ltd, a subsidiary of H.Stars Group, has invited all the students to visit the production workshop to understand the exquisite production technology of the company's products and the explanation and display of the core product technology. Before leaving, everyone took a group photo together. The Huangpu classmates club activity was successfully concluded.  Once again, we welcome the arrival of the students to share their experiences, exchange ideas, learn from each other’s advanced experience, and improve together.  Thanks to the joint cooperation between Huangpu Industry and Information Technology Bureau and South China University of Technology, which regularly provides a benign platform for enterprises in Huangpu District to organize various types of training, gather entrepreneurs to express their ideas, exchange across industries, and connect corporate resources.
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  • What is the future of HVAC market in the next half year of 2021
    What is the future of HVAC market in the next half year of 2021 2021-10-09
    In 2021, central air conditioning will have greater breakthroughs in industries like: data centers, rail transit, medical industries and industrial manufacturing. 2020 is a special year of ups and downs.  After a hard year, with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the social order has gradually entered the right track. There are also small and medium-sized projects and in addition to the relatively large impact of the light commercial market, the construction process of large-scale projects has obviously recovered faster, coupled with the country’s "new infrastructure" and other favorable policies to stimulate the application market one by one. It has also brought significant changes to the central air conditioning segment application market. In air-conditioning of the huge application market, this year's data center, rail transit, medical industry and industrial manufacturing deserve our focus. Data center: Judging from the market launch plans of well-known companies, Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud alone intend to invest more than 400 billion in the construction of data centers in the next three years. News such as China Mobile's development of 5G data centers across the country are stimulating the industry to flourish Development. At the same time, the industry's power consumption has also attracted attention. Intelligent operation and green efficiency will become the mainstream trend of this industry. Rail: Urban rail transit, as a key development project in my country, has gained significant growth vitality. Local governments continue to renew and improve infrastructure to further reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. The next ten years will still be the peak period for my country's urban rail transit investment and construction. The development of air-conditioning manufacturers is of great benefit. Medical industry In the past year, the medical industry has developed rapidly. It includes unconventional measures that have been explored due to the spread of the epidemic, as well as planned expansion and new projects. HVAC equipment is a must for high-efficiency and energy-saving hospitals and optimizing the respiratory environment. Factors have become the focus of the game for the main players in the market. Similarly, the air-conditioning cold and heat source system accounts for more than half of the total energy consumption in the entire medical air-conditioning system. Industrial manufacturing In 2020, the national industrial added value above designated size will grow by 6.9% year-on-year. In three categories, the mining industry will grow by 3.5%, the manufacturing industry will grow by 7.5%, and the production of electricity, heat, gas and water will increase by 4%. China is in the industry during the special period of the transformation of a large country into an industrial power, high energy consumption has always been the obstacle to the transformation, and the central air conditioner, as a large ene...
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  • How to design a sewage source heat pump with the longer life span ? Evaporator and condenser matters a lot
    How to design a sewage source heat pump with the longer life span ? Evaporator and condenser matters a lot 2021-09-28
    Do you know what is the most important parts on a sewage source heat pump to affect its life spam?Of course it must be the evaporator and condenser quality. Because the heat exchange tube selection directly affects the cost and service life of the heat pump unit. The sewage source heat pump evaporator and condenser are usually used in an environment containing chloride ion corrosion. The heat exchanger tube is corrosion resistant. Performance is particularly important. The commonly used heat exchange tube materials include various duplex stainless steels (such as 2205, 2507, etc.), copper-nickel alloys (B10, B30), and so on. Their respective characteristics are as follows: B10 has better resistance to chloride ion corrosion, and the corrosion rate of B10 is lower than 0.03mm/a. With the increase of time, the average annual corrosion rate is getting lower and lower. And the corrosion resistance does not change much within 50 ℃. However, B10 is not resistant to erosion and corrosion, and its corrosion resistance is greatly reduced in a sandy water environment. The maximum permissible sea water velocity of B10 can refer to the British Naval Ship Engine Code. Therefore, when choosing B10 as the material of the heat exchanger, the following points should be paid attention to: (1) The flow velocity of the B10 nickel-copper pipe should be controlled, and should not exceed 1.5m/s, especially the influence of impurities such as mud and sand should be considered. (2) B10 nickel-copper pipes and fittings should be butt connected by manual argon arc welding. (3) In order to make B10 nickel-copper pipe form a complete protective film corrosion product film in seawater and ensure the expected service life of B10 nickel-copper pipe, before butt welding, B10 nickel-copper pipe and fittings must be cleaned of oil on the pipe end. One is to ensure the welding quality, and the other is to avoid the formation of a local carbon film in the tube. B30 is also an excellent seawater heat exchanger material. Under the same corrosive conditions, its corrosion rate is about 1/3-1/2 of B10; B30 also has the problem of not being resistant to erosion and corrosion. The precautions are the same as those of B10; The upper limit of the flushing rate is higher than that of B10. In general design, the water flow rate of B30 does not exceed 3m/s. Both 2205 and 2507 have good corrosion resistance. When the chloride ion concentration is 1100mg/lL, 2507 will not cause pitting and crevice corrosion. Due to the large relationship between corrosion and temperature, 2205 has a risk of crevice corrosion when the chloride ion concentration is 1100mg/lL and the temperature is higher than 32°C. Therefore, if 2205 is used as the material of the heat exchanger, measures should be taken to eliminate the gaps between pipe connections and intercrystalline gaps (for example, screw connections are not used in the project, and non-metallic gaskets between flanges are used to prevent intercrystalline g...
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  • Congratulations to H.Stars Group Successful Online Presentation at PSME Philippines
    Congratulations to H.Stars Group Successful Online Presentation at PSME Philippines 2021-07-26
    H.Stars Group was invited by the THE 7th PSME VISAYAS REGIONAL CONFERENCE( PSME) in Philippines, and has successfully presented the HVACR equipment technology on July 16, 2021, through the ZOOM online video conference. The conference on HVACR equipment  was hosted by PSME, and the theme is: “Mechanical Engineers: Moving Ahead with the Challenges Towards Nation Building” . There are total  a total of 200-300 professional engineers conduct online/offline discussions invited as audience and around 30 companies to share their hvac product technology. The following is PSME introduction: PSME was established in 1952. It has 82 branches in the Philippines and 35,000 members. They are professional engineers. H.STARS as the 12th guest H.Stars Group which established in 1992, focusing on the R&D and production of HVAC equipment for more than 30 years. It consists of 8 branch companies. The company history and products range and project reference was presented in English by Ms Nataly Zhang, sales engineering manager of H.Stars Group overseas department , and later on AHU technology and production part was presented vividly by our subsidiary managing director Mr. Micheal Yip . H.Stars Group has shared its leading products of air handling unit, heat pump, chiller, heat exchagners, which specifically explained during the covid-19 pandemic year how H.Stars Group make the contribution by providing high efficient and energy saving hvac products to hospitals and pharmaceutical factories to assist them on the development of the world epidemic in a good direction. Due to the impact of the COVID 19 epidemic, Philippines has cancelled all offline exhibitions .However the diseases cannot stop engineers curiosities and learning spirits.  Nowadays online marketing and conference meetings are becoming more and more popular during pandemic years.  There are  more than 500 guests have been invited  as audiences participated in this seminar and over 200 peoples joined this meeting . H.Stars Group is looking forward to more and more industry's technology seminars online and to benefit all the teams overseas. Finally, H.Stars Group would like to thank our business partner our agent “ Lincon Manufacturing Phils., Inc “ invitation and cooperation to have this successful Webinar on our company and products in Philippine market and thanks to the sincere invitation from PSME too.
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