• China ventilation system underground mine | hstarschiller.com
    China ventilation system underground mine | hstarschiller.com 2020-10-15
    1 Project Overview Ventilation system underground mine project is located in Yantai City, Shandong Province. It is a gold mining project for China National Gold Group Co., Ltd. The mine depth is 1500 meters. The temperature of the surrounding rock at the working face is expected to reach 43°C when the shaft reaches the bottom, and the temperature of the working face is required to be maintained at 25-28°C. 2. Ventilation requirements for underground mines Project Category Working space shaft of a well net diameter Ventilation parameters Air volume Number of operations Auxiliary shaft 50 meters 8.2 meter 8 times/h 21000 m3/h 8~10 people 3 Underground mine ventilation systems-- project design focus (1) Heavy load, high temperature, high humidity, (2) Poor environment, dust flying around the mine; (3) Long mine roadway, high system pressure, large cooling loss; (4) Fresh air circulation, large temperature difference; (5) The working conditions of the mining level change greatly in each period; (6) The wind speed of the mining face is difficult to control, and the wind speed is too low, and the phenomenon of harmful and toxic gas stratification is easy to occur. If the wind speed is too high, it is easy to cause dust flying and cause secondary pollution. 4 scheme design The design principle considers the customer's investment cost, delivery time, cost performance, safety and stability. The system is supplied with a complete set of equipment. The refrigeration section, the surface cooling section, and the air supply section are made into a skid model in the factory. It can be used after the on-site positioning, which greatly shortens the delivery time, reduces on-site installation costs, and reduces investment costs. 5. Project configuration Device name Cooling capacity Cooling power Air volume Supply air dynamic pressure Remarks Special refrigeration skid for mine 600kw 165kw 21000m3/h 7500pa Full fresh air 6. Program advantages (1) The whole set of equipment is produced and installed in the factory, shortening the delivery time and installation cycle; (2) The equipment is debugged in the factory to ensure reliable operation of the equipment ; (3) The integrated equipment can reduce the initial investment cost (civil construction and installation costs) ); (4) The equipment is cost-effective and has a high utilization rate. After the project is completed, it can be used for other projects; (5) The three-level meter cools down and the air outlet temperature is lower; (6) The system is designed with double vents, adopted in transition seasons and winter Fresh air is supplied to reduce operating costs. 7. Advantages of ventilation system in mining A. High efficiency and energy saving, matching the efficient flooded type heat exchanger produced by H.Stars Group. The chiller COP is as high as: 3.3 B. Reliable operation, adopting Hanbell high-efficiency compressor, high compression ratio, high energy efficiency, stable performance, multi-level energy adjus...
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  • From the perspective of market competition, the selection of special
    From the perspective of market competition, the selection of special 2020-09-27
    From a design perspective, look at the special "intelligence" of the H.Stars Group. This issue talks about the choice of compressor type. According to conventional thinking, there is not much difficulty in the selection of compressor types, scroll compressors for small units, screw compressors for medium-sized units, and centrifugal compressors for large-scale units. Why mention the choice of compressor type? Let's make a simulation selection, assuming that a water-cooled chiller of about 300kW is needed. Choose screw compressor, 40STD-280WS4, cooling capacity of 284kW, the price is about USD$ 1,4w. Choose scroll machine, 20STB-100WFO4, refrigeration capacity 300kW, the price is about USD$ 1,2w. From the data, the cooling capacity of the scroll machine is 6% larger than that of the screw machine, and the price of the scroll machine is 14% lower than that of the screw machine. I believe you already know which product is competitive. The same is true for air-cooled chillers, so I won’t give an example here. The following introduces the overlap area of the cooling capacity of the scroll machine and the screw machine. Looking at the manual, you can see that the cooling capacity of a single scroll unit can reach 300kW. The minimum cooling capacity of a single screw unit is 90kW. It can be seen from this that the cooling capacity of a single unit ranges from 90kW to 300kW where the scroll and screw overlap. In the future, everyone will encounter projects with a single unit cooling capacity ranging from 90kW to 300kW, and you can choose between scroll and screw flexibly.
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  • H.Stars Group condensing units improve the food processing industry
    H.Stars Group condensing units improve the food processing industry 2020-07-30
    Project Overview 1. This project is a cold storage project of a foreign-invested food company in Zhongshan, China. The project includes a 6T / secondary freezing warehouse (-35 ℃), a finished product warehouse, a raw material warehouse, a rolling room and a production workshop. 2. Equipment configuration description: The quick-freezing warehouse of this project adopts an H.Stars Group low-temperature single-compressor dual-stage condensing unit (the condensation equipment is equipped with an evaporative condenser), and the evaporator of the quick-freezing warehouse adopts a variable-pitch vertical cooler. Other cold storage uses a combination of one-to-one air-cooled condensing unit and ceiling-mounted chiller. Project advantages 1. The quick-freezing warehouse uses a single-compressor dual-stage condensing unit. The screw single-compressor dual-stage compression refrigeration cycle has a reduced pressure ratio per stage, less leakage, and less insulation loss; high volumetric efficiency and large cooling capacity; the intercooler is overcooled, which makes the cooling capacity Increased, improved refrigeration factor; rotor bearing with low stress and long service life; high thermal insulation efficiency, motor power saving, energy saving, easy to realize automatic control; 2. The heat recovery function of the condensing unit of the quick-freezing warehouse is provided to provide free hot water washing for the workshop; 3. By transforming the evaporative condenser storage tank into a frost water pool, the frost water and condensate water are mixed to realize the recovery of cold and heat energy, which not only improves the condensation effect of the quick-freezing condensing unit, but also guarantees several times. The temperature of frosting water will not be too low after circulation; 4. The water flushing system of this project recovers the frosting water for the evaporative condenser, which not only achieves the effect of saving water, but also solves the problems of cleanliness and temperature of the flushing water (the conventional water flushing system needs to be discharged regularly) Partly flush the frost water and add tap water) 5. Other cold storage condensation units and chillers use one corresponding method; the system is safe and reliable; 6. The evaporative condenser is used for the condensation equipment of the quick-freezing warehouse, which has large air volume and good heat dissipation effect. 7. The entire project adopts a centralized monitoring system, which is simple to operate, monitors the temperature of the cold storage at anytime and anywhere, and has a cold storage failure alarm function. Project Photos
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  • How does H.Stars Group produce a high quality air cooled chiller ?
    How does H.Stars Group produce a high quality air cooled chiller ? 2020-06-29
    Since H.Stars Group has been established for more than 28 years so far, some of you might wonder how H.Stars produces a high quality air cooled chiller. Below is the detailed production process with strict quality control system and 100% testing before delivery. 1. Chiller Frame welding: clean the bracket and select the appropriate welding method according to the specifications of the welding materials and the technical requirements of the drawings. Chiller Bracket assembly: the bent compressor, filter and other brackets are assembled and welded according to the dimensions required by the drawing. 2.Refrigerant pipeline connection: For the vibration mode of the compressor, use a suitably shaped pipe to avoid resonance points near the power frequency; you can avoid resonance by adding weight. 3. Chiller Bracket assembly 4. Assembly of fin type condenser: the fin type condenser jointly produced by the subsidiary of H.Stars Group, according to customer requirements and engineer design. 5.Sheet metal: the electric control box shell on the H.Stars chiller is designed and manufactured independently, and the quality is under the control of the factory. 6.Layout of electrical components According to the electrical schematic diagram, the layout of the electrical components and the wire slot is reasonably discharged on the electrical base plate, and the hole position of the corresponding component and the installation hole position of the wire slot are marked with a pencil and drilled. The layout requires that the components should not be hindered by space during operation, and there should be no possibility of touching the charged body. 7.Electric control box and compressor wiring: The controller imports the latest version of the program according to the factory operation standards before installation, and sets and adjusts the corresponding parameters according to the model parameter comparison table and customer requirements. 8.Equipment testing station National standard testing station, the factory equipment must be tested, and only after passing the test can the goods be delivered to ensure reliable product quality. 9. Large equipment testing station Can test 800RT ~ 3000RT equipment, mainly detect centrifuge and large equipment, large equipment necessary facilities, it rare in the industry. 10.Pack insulation cotton Confirm customer requirements of the order chiller and the type of chiller, and clarify the position and standard of the chiller to be wrapped with thermal insulation cotton. The chiller pump and related waterway system parts are not wrapped with thermal insulation cotton before the test machine. It is necessary to check whether there is a leakage through the test machine process. The test machine can be wrapped with no thermal insulation leakage. 11.Outside spray The main parts of H.Stars chiller are evaporator and condenser. The products are produced independently. According to customer requirements, the appearance uses different colors ...
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  • How to Maintain the chiller for a Cold Storage?
    How to Maintain the chiller for a Cold Storage? 2020-05-25
    The chillers designed for cold storage, are adopting different types of compressors for different capacity cold storages.Cold storage compressors can be devided into screw compressors, positive displacement cold storage compressors, fixed displacement cold storage compressors and variable displacement cold storage compressors. Here mainly introduces how to maintain the chiller for a cold storage: 1. Startup and preparations Before starting, check whether the valves of the unit are in the normal starting state and whether the cooling water source is sufficient. After turning on the power, set the temperature as required. The refrigeration system of the cold store is generally automatically controlled, but the first time it is used, the cooling water pump should be turned on, and the compressors should be started one by one after normal operation. 2. Operation management Pay attention to the following points after the normal operation of the refrigeration system: Pay attention to the following points after the normal operation of the refrigeration system: 1). Listen to whether there is abnormal sound during the operation of the equipment; 2). See if the temperature in the warehouse drops; 3). Check whether the cooling and heating of the exhaust air is clear, and whether the cooling effect of the condenser is normal. 3. Ventilation and defrosting Fruits and vegetables will release some gas during storage, and accumulation will deteriorate the collection to a certain extent. Therefore, it is necessary to ventilate and ventilate frequently in the process of use, generally it should be carried out in the morning with lower temperature. In addition, after the cold storage is used for a period of time, the evaporator will form a layer of frost, which will affect the cooling effect if it is not removed in time. When defrosting, cover the storage in the library and clean the accumulated frost with a broom. Be careful not to knock hard. 1)For the evaporator of the air-cooled chiller: always check the defrosting situation. Whether the defrosting is timely and effective will affect the cooling effect and cause the liquid return of the cooling system. 2)Observe the operating state of the compressor frequently and check the exhaust temperature. When changing seasons, pay special attention to the operating status of the system and adjust the system's liquid supply and condensation temperature in a timely manner. 3)Observe the oil level and oil return condition of the compressor and the cleanliness of the oil frequently. If the oil is dirty or the oil level drops, it should be resolved in time to avoid poor lubrication. 4)Listen carefully to the sound of the compressor, cooling tower, water pump or condenser fan, and find any abnormalities in time.  Also check the vibration of the compressor, exhaust pipe. 5)Maintenance of the compressor: The initial cleanliness of the system is poor, and the refrigeration oil and filter drier should be replaced after 3...
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  • H.Stars Group Shell and tube heat exchanger advantages-product technology development and selection
    H.Stars Group Shell and tube heat exchanger advantages-product technology development and selection 2020-03-06
    Technical team The technology research and development team has a total of 10 people, including 8 with a bachelor degree, 2 with senior titles, and 6 with intermediate titles. Product Performance Calculating Software 1. Used in the refrigeration industry shell and tube heat exchanger uses the refrigeration industry WIELAND software to calculate the heat transfer performance of the heat exchanger. The WIELAND software includes R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R502, R507, R717, R245fa and other media. : 2. The heat exchangers used in chemical, petroleum and other industries use the American heat transfer software HTRI to calculate the heat transfer performance of the heat exchangers. All heat exchangers are tested for heat transfer performance through a performance test platform to ensure the margin of heat exchanger use and meet customer needs. 3. The strength calculation of heat exchangers and pressure vessels of various tanks uses the pressure vessel industry SW6-2011v4.0 software to calculate its strength, and passes the inspection of Guangzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and leaves the factory. WIELAND software operation interface: HTRI software operation interface: SW6-2011v4.0 software operation interface: Heat exchanger performance test platform Product Production License GUANGZHOU UNITED A/C&R CO., LTD obtained a Class D pressure vessel manufacturing license in 1998, a Class D pressure vessel design license in 2008, and a Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Agency Certificate in 2017. Product Operation Process: The test relies on the H.Stars Group's independent test platform to test all types of heat exchangers and form reports for analysis and demonstration. The perfect operation process and more than 20 years of technical accumulation have accumulated rich design experience, keeping our products continuously leading.
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  • Notice on the Postponement of CRH2020 China Refrigeration 2020
    Notice on the Postponement of CRH2020 China Refrigeration 2020 2020-03-04
    In order to fully assist the prevention and control of the epidemic, effectively cut off the transmission route of the virus, resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic, and ensure the safety and health of exhibitors and visitors, the decision is hereby made by the Organizing Committee of China Refrigeration Expo: The 31st China Refrigeration Expo scheduled to be held on April 8-10, 2020 at Wuhan International Expo Center will bepostponed. The specific time and place will be announced in further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. The Organizing Committee of China Refrigeration Expo will closely follow the situation and stay in touch with relevant departments of Wuhan City. The exact time of the expo will be announced immediately after being determined. During this period, the organizing committee will make every effort to assist exhibitors and visitors to handle related matters properly. H.Stars Group will also continue to maintain contact with the Organizing Committee of China Refrigeration Expo and will announce it to everyone as soon as the exhibition period is determined. Your understanding and support would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Congratulations to H.Stars Group success on its participation of HVAC EXPO SAUDI
    Congratulations to H.Stars Group success on its participation of HVAC EXPO SAUDI 2020-02-14
    H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd. has successfully participated the HVAC Saudi Expo in Riyadh from February 11 to 13, 2020. This is the second exhibition H.Stars Group has attend in 2020 after AHR Expo in the US. H.Stars Group has adopted American standards manufacturing technologies, and has specialized in manufacturing industrial and commercial refrigerating equipment for more than 28 years. With customized HVAC equipment and overseas sales team services, it has created the "H.Stars" brand, which has won recognition and support from customers all over the world. In China it has maintained a good brand reputation and technology leadership. In February 2020, the HVAC & R EXPO SAUDI was held in Riyadh. This exhibition was organized by DMG Exhibition Group, the organizer of the world's five major industries (BIG5), and took advantage of the huge demand of Saudi Arabia's own market and the influence of the Middle East to become the most professional and largest HVAC exhibition in the Middle East. In recent years, the potential for trade cooperation between China and the countries along the “One Belt and One Road” is continuously being unleashed and has become a new driving force for China's foreign trade development. Saudi Arabia ,as one of the richest countries in the world, is one of the largest HVAC markets in the world. With the current development of billion dollars projects, Saudi Arabia has generated unprecedentedly strong market demand for related products and services related to HVAC products. At present, the market demand for HVAC systems in the entire region has reached 6.3 billion US dollars. Although some manufacturers in Saudi Arabia produce air-conditioning and HVAC equipment, they still need to import to meet domestic demand for HVAC equipment. Over time, these products naturally require more maintenance and repairs, while increasing the demand for parts. This shows that Saudi Arabia's HVAC market is a market worthy of attention by Chinese companies. During the exhibition , H.Stars Group has successfully cooperated with buyers through HVAC Expo Saudi with our company independently developed core technology through company multiple channel of online and offline marketing. Wish a great success to H.Stars Group in overseas exhibitions.
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