• H.Stars Group Back to Work from Chinese Spring Festival
    H.Stars Group Back to Work from Chinese Spring Festival 2021-02-26
    With a half month Chinese Spring Festival , H.Stars Group has finally come back to work as normal. Here we wish everyone a Happy New Year and prosperous business in 2021 ! The first working day, every staff met the president of H.Stars Group ,Mr. Yuen , greeting him a happy new year and prosperous business in the coming year. Instead, the president give each person a red envelop with lucky money inside. This "red packets" is a Chinese New Year customs, Chinese favorite red, because red symbolizes vitality, happiness and good luck, which also what the president Mr. Yuen wishes everyone the same. In the first working day ,the president Mr. Yuen has given away red lucky money to all the staff. Note: The Chinese Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people ,because it is a time for all family members to stay together, just like Christmas in the West. All people living away from home go back, and spend half a month time with family members during the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival falls on the 1st day of the 1st lunar month, often one month later than the Gregorian calendar. It originated in the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600 BC-c. 1100 BC).The most important days are Spring Festival Eve and the first three days. The Chinese people  decorates and cleans their rooms featuring an atmosphere of rejoicing and festivity. All the door panels will be pasted with Spring Festival couplets, highlighting Chinese calligraphy with black characters on red paper. The content varies from house owners' wishes for a bright future to good luck for the New Year. Also, pictures of the god of doors and wealth will be posted on front doors to ward off evil spirits and welcome peace and abundance. Waking up on the New Year, everybody dresses up. First they extend greetings to their parents. Then each child will get lucky money as a New Year gift, wrapped up in red paper. Now since we are back to work, all the business and service is back to normal. Welcome to contact us for more support,because H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group has  specialized in manufacturing an extensive line of Commercial and Industrial Energy Saving HVACR products for 28 years ,our product range :air cooled chiller, water cooled Chiller, Heat pump, Shell&Tube heat exchanger, AHU, cooling tower etc. We are here to give you one-stop HVACR products supplying. For more details ,welcome to send us email : [email protected]
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  • The Importance of Chiller Maintenance | Hstarschiller.com
    The Importance of Chiller Maintenance | Hstarschiller.com 2021-01-29
    In summer and winter, it is the busiest time for our after-sales. Because many customers use the unit incorrectly and cause chiller failure. So let's talk about the importance of unit maintenance, how to ensure that the chiller is always in the best condition, maintain the highest efficiency, and extend the life of the chiller. Maintenance refers to preventive maintenance of the unit, and the customer is responsible for formulating unit maintenance procedures based on actual conditions. Qualified equipment management engineers and specialized unit operators are required to perform routine maintenance and regular maintenance on the unit. The maintenance of the unit should be carried out by a qualified chiller maintenance companies. The most basic work in the maintenance of the industrial chiller is to actually record the operating parameters of the unit at appropriate intervals (for example, one hour) every day, and fill in the unit operating parameter table. The operating parameter table can refer to the "H.Stars chiller operating parameter record table" to compile the customer's own suitable format. A true and complete record of operating parameters helps to analyze the possible development trend of the unit's operation, and helps to discover and predict the possible problems of the unit in time, so as to prevent it before they happen. For example, through the analysis and comparison of one-month operation records, it may be found that the difference between the condensing temperature of the unit and the cooling water outlet temperature is increasing. This trend indicates that the cooling water may be dirty or harder, and the condenser tube bundle Scaling is continuing, and the water needs to be softened or cleaned. Poor quality of chilled water and cooling water will not only cause scale in the heat transfer tubes, affect heat exchange efficiency and reduce unit performance, but also corrode the heat transfer tubes and cause major failures of the unit. Customers should perform water quality treatment in accordance with the requirements of GB50050-1995 "Code for Design of Industrial Circulating Cooling Water Treatment". When the chilled water system is a closed system, soft water should be used. If the requirements are not met, water quality treatment should be performed. In addition to the maintenance of the cooling water circuit, there is of course the maintenance of the compressor. The refrigerating oil is like the blood of the compressor. Long-term operation will cause loss and produce a lot of impurities. Regular cleaning and replacement of the refrigerating oil will effectively extend the service life of the compressor so that the operation of the unit remains stable to the maximum extent.
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  • How to do daily maintenance of air-cooled chillers | Hstarschiller.com
    How to do daily maintenance of air-cooled chillers | Hstarschiller.com 2021-01-22
    Air-cooled chillers, as a more efficient refrigeration equipment in chiller products, are widely used in the domestic industrial market and become necessary equipment for many industrial production. At the same time, although the industrial air-cooled chiller is equipped with multiple protection devices, these are all to prevent failures from directly damaging the unit. If the company wants to ensure that the air-cooled chiller with high cooling efficiency and long service life, then it must remember to do regular maintenance. Therefore, how should the normal safety maintenance and inspection of air-cooled chillers be carried out? 1) Check the stability of voltage and current When the air-cooled chiller works normally, the voltage is 380V (the voltage of DYJ-01A~DYJ-02A is 220V, and the voltage of other regions abroad also has 410V, etc.), and the current is normal within the range of 11A-15A; 2) Check the compressor regularly The compressor is the "heart" of the chiller, and its quality directly affects the stability of the chiller. The necessary acceptance test for the chiller should be carried out in accordance with the principle of air tightness test first, vacuum test second, sub-item test first, and complete machine test second. 3) Clean regularly In addition to checking the technical performance of the chiller, it is also important to protect the clean appearance of the chiller and the cleanliness of the work site. When the air-cooled chiller is running for 6 months, the entire system must be cleaned, such as pipes, filters, condensers, fans, etc., especially fans. Like our commonly used fans, dust will affect heat dissipation, so the cooling efficiency will Direct reduction 4) Check the meter regularly The temperature control meter is out of control. Replace the temperature control meter. High pressure failure. Poor heat dissipation. The radiator is too dirty. The cleaning radiator is not good enough. Improve the ventilation conditions. The heat dissipation fan does not work. , Replace the high-pressure engine. 5) Check whether the refrigerant has decreased or not regularly Judge according to the high and low pressure gauge values on the front of the air-cooled chiller. When the chiller is running normally, the high pressure is 11-17kg, and the low pressure is 3-5kg. In shutdown state, both high pressure and low pressure are around 0.6kg. The high-efficiency refrigeration function of air-cooled chillers is inseparable from the daily maintenance and safety inspection of the products, so it is very important to check the operation of air-cooled chillers. In addition to the main inspections above, it is also necessary to check the oil level and oil temperature of each compressor, check the main power supply voltage and current, and check whether the set value of the chilled water supply temperature is appropriate. If there is a problem, make changes in time. If you encounter a problem you don't understand, you can consult H.Stars  Group...
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  • Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Heat Pump Unit | Hstarschiller.com
    Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Heat Pump Unit | Hstarschiller.com 2021-01-08
    We all know that winter swimming has many advantages:  1. It can enhance cardiovascular function.  2. The stimulation of cold water can close the peripheral blood vessels, increase the blood supply of important organs such as heart, brain, liver and spleen, so that more oxygen can be delivered to brain cells in time, which is conducive to the elimination of nervous system fatigue.  3. The skin of those who insist on winter swimming is ruddy, shiny and elastic. And people also hope to enjoy the fun of swimming in winter, but not everyone can bear it. Hstars group constant temperature swimming pool heat pump can be a good solution. 1. Demand analysis of swimming pool with constant temperature Constant temperature swimming pool, also known as indoor constant temperature swimming pool; that is, the temperature of the water in the pool heating system is maintained at 26~28℃, which is suitable for the temperature of the human body. When the indoor swimming pool is designed, the water body of the indoor swimming pool will be heated by various ways. The constant temperature heat pump of swimming pool transforms the low-grade heat energy in the air into the high-grade heat energy through the reverse Carnot cycle principle, which is used to heat the swimming pool water at constant temperature. Swimming pools generally have the disadvantages of high energy cost, fogging and dewing of glass in winter, easy corrosion of decoration, and full of chlorine smell. It is hoped that through the use of the most advanced design concept and advanced technical equipment, through the host and reasonable pool heating system design,not only can ensure the constant temperature and humidity of indoor space and the constant temperature of pool water, but also can avoid the generation of condensate. 2. Heat pump solution for swimming pool with constant temperature The constant temperature swimming pool heat pump of Hstars group focuses on providing hot water for swimming pool, providing a warm swimming environment for swimmers. The dehumidification heat pump with new exhaust system is adopted to control indoor humidity, ensure indoor air quality of swimming pool pipe, and provide a healthy and comfortable environment for swimmers. 3. Principle of constant temperature swimming pool system In winter, the heat pump takes refrigerant as the heat medium, absorbs heat in the air (connected with heat exchange in the middle of the evaporator), improves the heat energy at low temperature to high temperature through the compressor, and heats the circulating water of the system (connected with heat exchange in the middle of the condenser). In summer, the heat pump takes the refrigerant as the refrigerant, absorbs the cooling capacity in the air (connects heat exchange in the middle of the condenser), and transfers the heat of the high temperature position through the compressor It can be reduced to low-temperature potential cooling energy. The circulating water of the refr...
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  • H.Stars special air conditioning equipment for intelligent mine | Hstarschiller.com
    H.Stars special air conditioning equipment for intelligent mine | Hstarschiller.com 2020-12-30
    H.Stars recently has manufactured a combined air conditioning system to send cold air from the head of the well to 1,500 meters below the mine, to send cold air, comfort, and protection to the body and work for the mine workers! H.Stars refrigeration has developed an integrated R134A air-conditioning equipment for mine air supply in a short period of time, which has received lots of good feedback from customers after operation. Advantages and characteristics of special air-conditioning equipment for H.Stars mine: 1. Efficient and energy-saving, matching the high-efficiency flooded type heat exchanger produced by H.Stars Group. The unit COP is as high as 2. Reliable operation, adopting Hanbell high-efficiency compressor, high compression ratio, high energy efficiency, stable performance, multi-level energy adjustment, accurate coordination with unit load changes, low noise and low vibration. It has a wide operating range and can adapt to different operating conditions. 3. Green and environmental protection special air-conditioning equipment , using environmentally friendly refrigerant: R134A. 4. Intelligent control, one-key start. Equipped with cloud service function, mobile APP operation, realize remote or centralized management, save management cost. 5. Easy installation and maintenance, integrated design. Reduce customer installation work. 6. Adopt international first-line brand electronic expansion valve throttling device to ensure quality. 7. Use low-noise high-quality fan, high air volume, high efficiency, sufficient dynamic pressure, IP54 protection level. 8. The finned heat exchanger has a V-shaped structure, high efficiency and simplicity, uniform wind speed, and stable heat exchange. 9. Reliable operation, the unit has a variety of safety protection measures to ensure the safe operation of the unit 10. Sending cold supply air and comfort to customers. 11. Matching high efficiency filter. Easy to clean.
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  • CSUFT Students Study in the field at H.Stars Group | Hstarschiller.com
    CSUFT Students Study in the field at H.Stars Group | Hstarschiller.com 2020-11-27
    In November 2020, H.Stars Group has warm welcome the students majoring in energy power and engineering from Central South University of Forestry and Technology to study in the field at H.Stars Group. H.Stars Group has prepared a two-week internship plan and schedule for the students. The first part was to introduce students to the development history, corporate culture, group industry chain and safety precautions of visiting and internships for the students. UAR,a subsidiaries of H.Stars Group specialized in heat exchangers, its general manager Liu Lei has introduced to the students of the characteristic products ,working principle, anti-corrosion materials and anti-corrosion technology independently developed by UAR. And to show the students the safety performance of the product, Mr. Liu's speech was vivid and interesting, and the students were interested and actively asking questions. The general manager of H.Stars Group, Liu Zhandong, has first interacted with the students, and guided the students to enter the theme of this activity from the things in daily life, which improved the students' curiosity and the atmosphere lively and warmly. Mr. Liu talked about the development history and the vision of H.Stars Group, the future careers of students, etc. Mr. Liu introduced the special "intelligent" manufacturing of the H.Stars Group to the students, and explained related professional knowledge, product categories, unit performance and so on. In order to help the students understanding better, many industry-related examples were also cited. The discussion was flexible and interesting, and the students were very active.
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  • China ventilation system underground mine | hstarschiller.com
    China ventilation system underground mine | hstarschiller.com 2020-10-15
    1 Project Overview Ventilation system underground mine project is located in Yantai City, Shandong Province. It is a gold mining project for China National Gold Group Co., Ltd. The mine depth is 1500 meters. The temperature of the surrounding rock at the working face is expected to reach 43°C when the shaft reaches the bottom, and the temperature of the working face is required to be maintained at 25-28°C. 2. Ventilation requirements for underground mines Project Category Working space shaft of a well net diameter Ventilation parameters Air volume Number of operations Auxiliary shaft 50 meters 8.2 meter 8 times/h 21000 m3/h 8~10 people 3 Underground mine ventilation systems-- project design focus (1) Heavy load, high temperature, high humidity, (2) Poor environment, dust flying around the mine; (3) Long mine roadway, high system pressure, large cooling loss; (4) Fresh air circulation, large temperature difference; (5) The working conditions of the mining level change greatly in each period; (6) The wind speed of the mining face is difficult to control, and the wind speed is too low, and the phenomenon of harmful and toxic gas stratification is easy to occur. If the wind speed is too high, it is easy to cause dust flying and cause secondary pollution. 4 scheme design The design principle considers the customer's investment cost, delivery time, cost performance, safety and stability. The system is supplied with a complete set of equipment. The refrigeration section, the surface cooling section, and the air supply section are made into a skid model in the factory. It can be used after the on-site positioning, which greatly shortens the delivery time, reduces on-site installation costs, and reduces investment costs. 5. Project configuration Device name Cooling capacity Cooling power Air volume Supply air dynamic pressure Remarks Special refrigeration skid for mine 600kw 165kw 21000m3/h 7500pa Full fresh air 6. Program advantages (1) The whole set of equipment is produced and installed in the factory, shortening the delivery time and installation cycle; (2) The equipment is debugged in the factory to ensure reliable operation of the equipment ; (3) The integrated equipment can reduce the initial investment cost (civil construction and installation costs) ); (4) The equipment is cost-effective and has a high utilization rate. After the project is completed, it can be used for other projects; (5) The three-level meter cools down and the air outlet temperature is lower; (6) The system is designed with double vents, adopted in transition seasons and winter Fresh air is supplied to reduce operating costs. 7. Advantages of ventilation system in mining A. High efficiency and energy saving, matching the efficient flooded type heat exchanger produced by H.Stars Group. The chiller COP is as high as: 3.3 B. Reliable operation, adopting Hanbell high-efficiency compressor, high compression ratio, high energy efficiency, stable performance, multi-level energy adjus...
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  • From the perspective of market competition, the selection of special
    From the perspective of market competition, the selection of special 2020-09-27
    From a design perspective, look at the special "intelligence" of the H.Stars Group. This issue talks about the choice of compressor type. According to conventional thinking, there is not much difficulty in the selection of compressor types, scroll compressors for small units, screw compressors for medium-sized units, and centrifugal compressors for large-scale units. Why mention the choice of compressor type? Let's make a simulation selection, assuming that a water-cooled chiller of about 300kW is needed. Choose screw compressor, 40STD-280WS4, cooling capacity of 284kW, the price is about USD$ 1,4w. Choose scroll machine, 20STB-100WFO4, refrigeration capacity 300kW, the price is about USD$ 1,2w. From the data, the cooling capacity of the scroll machine is 6% larger than that of the screw machine, and the price of the scroll machine is 14% lower than that of the screw machine. I believe you already know which product is competitive. The same is true for air-cooled chillers, so I won’t give an example here. The following introduces the overlap area of the cooling capacity of the scroll machine and the screw machine. Looking at the manual, you can see that the cooling capacity of a single scroll unit can reach 300kW. The minimum cooling capacity of a single screw unit is 90kW. It can be seen from this that the cooling capacity of a single unit ranges from 90kW to 300kW where the scroll and screw overlap. In the future, everyone will encounter projects with a single unit cooling capacity ranging from 90kW to 300kW, and you can choose between scroll and screw flexibly.
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