What should I do if the air source heat pump unit is frosted in winter? 2018-12-11

What should I do if the air source heat pump unit is frosted in winter? How to quickly defrosting it ?

Every heating season, there is always frosting problem, because once the frost can not be timely defrosted, the heating effect will be affected, and it might break down the system . However, there is no product that does not frost, and whether it is possible to defrost in time is the key. If the machine can't defoase in time, how can we quickly find the cause and solve the problem? Why is it frosting?Just said, there is no frost-free product, as long as it is an air source heat pump unit, no matter which brand, there will be frost. So why is the machine frosting?When the heat pump unit is working, the frost is normal. Generally, the manufacturer will design an automatic frost function according to the working environment to ensure the normal operation of the  machine. However, there will be some abnormal frosting. At present, most of the problems encountered by dealers are such cases.

What are the consequences of defrosting?

If the air source heat pump heating unit is not timely, the frost will become thicker and thicker, and there are three main effects:

The first one is that the capacity of the hot water is greatly reduced. This is the most common problem for most dealers. The water temperature can  not reach the designed COP or the heating rate is too slow. Even if the unit has been working continuously for more than 24 hours, the water temperature is still not reached.  However, brands with good quality and reasonable design can achieve successful defrosting by increasing the heat exchange area, changing the defrosting settings reasonably, or increasing the anemometer to sacrifice heat capacity.

Secondly, the evaporator does not frost, but turn into ice. It may not produce hot water directly. If the defrosting design is unreasonable, the frost layer is not melted in one cycle, and the next cycle is started, so that the remaining frost layer quickly condenses into new ice.When there is frost on the fins, the defrosting function of the unit can also play a role, but the evaporator is covered by the ice layer, and as the ice layer becomes thicker and larger, the evaporator will be blocked. The evaporator is more blocked, the faster the freezing speed . This will be cycled until the heat pump unit is completely shut down.

How to quickly reduce frost?

If the defrosting does not bring serious consequences in time, it will undoubtedly affect the trust of the customer and the disapproval of the product. In order to let everyone have a more detailed understanding of the cause of defrosting and to be able to quickly defrosting in time, this journal summarizes a common symptom of 10 frosting and a timely solution. As shown in the following:

1: Bottom frost : The stagnant water flow is not smooth, and the icing spreads to the evaporator.
Solution: De-icing, cleaning up the dirt, and the water outlet is unblocked.

2: The evaporator is partially frozen : there is no frost at the defrosting sensor, the defrosting point is not correct
Solution : Manual forced defrosting, moving the frosting sensor to icing, frosting

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