Air cooled screw type chiller for industry use

HStars air cooled screw type water chiller adpots Hanbell screw compressors and heat recovery optional for clients for inustry use . High quality with easy operation.
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Advantage Features:

-Cooling capacity range: 109 -580 kW

 ( 30-165 TR); Hook up large unit;

-COP 2.9 ~ 3.0;

-Cooling, Heat Pump, Heat Recovery;

-Large air flow, low noise propeller fans;

-Semi-hermetic Compressor 50-80k hours defect free;

-Shell and Tube Type Evaporator;

-10 yrs proven touch screen control boards

-BMS compatible with RS485;

-Dual cooling media outlet temperatures;

-Heavy gauge C-channel base , SS panels option;

-Option for power supply, refrigerant;

-Non standard construction available;

-Explosive proof, mobile type;

-Built-in option items;  

air cooled industrial screw chiller

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