2019 H.Stars Agent-Training Conference 2019-05-31

In order to help H.Stars’ agents know more about the company's products and features, the company held an agent-training conference at the Headquarter of H.Stars Group from 24th May to 26th May, 2019. The training contents include: sales tools to help you succeed, introductions of H.Stars’ products and their features, learning in the factory onsite, equipment selection knowledge, introduction to becoming H.Stars’ agent, especial product introduction of H.Stars, introduction of air handling unit products and their features, leading the new era of the industry, the changing of H.Stars. The substance includes company promotion, group industry chain products and business philosophy. The lecturers were marketing director-Stanely Yuan, technical chief engineer-Sun Shaohua, business manager-Liu WeiPing, UAR general manager-Liu Lei, H.Stars general manager-Liu Zhandong, and H.Stars special assistant general manager Mr. Ye and Mr. Yuan Bohong, the chairman of H.Stars Group. The training content was abundant and substantial, and the agents who participated in this training have benefited a lot.

Marketing Director-Stanely Yuan: Introducing the Great Sales Tools to Help Our Agents Succeed

H.Stars Workshop On-site Learning

UAR Heat Exchanger Workshop On-site Learning

Agents are Obtaining Knowledge about Chiller Units

H.Stars General Manager-Liu Zhandong: Introducing special products of H.Stars

H.Stars Telewin Deputy General Manager-Mr. Ye: Introducing Air Handling Unit Products and Their Features

H.Stars Telewin Workshop On-site Learning

The Chairman of H.Stars Group-Mr. Yuan Bohong: Leading the New Era of the Industry; the Changing of H.Stars

The Interactions between Agents and Lecturer

The Group Photo

Thanks again for the support and cooperation of H.Stars agents who participated in this 3-days training, H.Stars will do its best to provide more learning opportunities for our agents and we will make progress together. "Resource sharing, cooperation and win-win” are always the cooperating belief between H.Stars Group and our agents.

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