85°C High Temperature Hot Water Heating Unit 2018-09-21
With the rapid growth of economic in our country, energy demands appeared to be growing tension, especially energy consumption problem. “China Eleventh Five-year Plan” explicitly pointed out the target of “Energy-saving and emission reduction” and came forward that the energy consumption per unit of GDP in China should reduce by approx 20%.

On the other hand, the way of using traditional energy releases a large number of dust、SO2 and CO which will be seriously polluted the air as heating water by firing coal. It has been one of the major reasons for haze weather in the cities across China.

To solve the problem as above, a series of policies and subsidies were introduced to support for the development of Heat Pump System. H’Stars develops its own 85C Hot Water Heating Unit with Single Double Stages Screw Compressor to meet the state-directed by using heat pump system which is “green”、 “safe” and “save”. It can produce 65-85℃ hot water by using 5-20℃ inlet temperature water keeping the high COP which technological level ranks top in the industry.

85 degree hot water unit


Compression technique of Double Stages Single Screw Compressor :

With using Shanghai HANBELL Double Stages Single Screw Compressor, one compressor can meet the functions of two. While comparing with two traditional Screw Compressor units, it is less floor space, simpler system, less error and better-maintained.

Four steps capacity

The loading capacity of the low pressure stage of Double Stages Single Screw Compressor is controlled by 4 steps controller by 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

Operating Range

This unit belongs to Water Source Heat Pump Units, produce 65-85℃ hot water by using 5-20℃ inlet temperature water.

Saving Energy—Heat Recovery

Units can recycle the heat load of cooling oil, produce 85℃ hot water by using 12℃ inlet temperature water and COP can reach over 2.6.

Low Operating Noise

Low vibration operating, compact construction with exhaust muffler.

Environment-friendly and Safe

To adopt R134A as refrigerant, units have no pollution and no harmful exhaust emissions, reducing the CO2 emissions by over 40% which is environment-friendly and safe.

Application Case of Energy Saving

A food factory needs to heat the 20℃ water to 85℃ of 1000L while processing food. Three heating ways are available: H’Stars 85℃ Hot Water Heating Unit, traditional gas heating, electrical heating. The following table (Table 1) is the economy benefit comparison with three heating applications.


This food factory needs 85℃ hot water of 300 days, 10 tons of 85℃ hot water each day.

a)       Gas-fire Boiler operation cost per year: 64.38 RMB x 10 tons x 300 days = RMB 193,100

b)      Electric Heated Boiler operation cost per year: 79.56 RMB x 10 tons x 300 days = RMB 238,700

c)      H’Stars 85C Hot Water Heating Unit operation cost per year: 18 RMB x 10 tons x 300 days = RMB 54,000

Only RMB 54,000 operation cost per year by using H’Stars 85℃ Hot Water Heating Unit, it will save RMB 139,100 than Gas-fire Boiler and RMB 184,700 than Electric Heated Boilers. That is very energy-efficient and economical.

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