Choosing a network monitoring industrial water cooled Chiller from HStars 2019-02-21

Choosing a network monitoring industrial water cooled Chiller from HStars

The single-chip controller of the HStars scroll typr chiller can customize the network monitoring function. The specific functions are as follows:

1.Industrial water cooled chiller networked monitoring the operational items--

  Start command, stop command, reset command, cancel preheat, open external circulation pump, shut off external circulation pump.

2.Industrial water cooled Chiller Network monitoring can set parameters
  Setting mode, cooling set temperature, heating set temperature, hot water set temperature, cooling temperature loading deviation, cooling temperature unloading deviation, heating temperature loading deviation, heating temperature unloading deviation, hot water temperature deviation, cooling Circulating temperature, heating external circulation temperature, and external circulation control temperature difference.

3.Industrial water cooled Chiller network monitoring can check status information
Target temperature, currently control temperature, hot water set temperature, hot water current temperature, unit operation mode, unit operating status, system status, total number of compressors in the unit, number of compressors running in the unit, and operation in the unit Number of presses, unit RLAN address, unit cooling lower limit, unit heating upper limit.

4.Industrial water cooled Chiller network monitoring to check temperature information
System evaporation return water temperature, system evaporation water temperature, system condensation water return temperature, system condensation water temperature, ambient temperature, external circulation temperature, hot water temperature, exhaust temperature, evaporation water temperature, condensation water temperature, evaporation water temperature, Condensation return water temperature.

5.Industrial water cooled Chiller network monitoring can check fault information
External alarm, air conditioning pump overload, air conditioning water flow insufficient , water source pump overload,water source water flow  insufficient , system power failure, external circulation pump overload,  external circulation water flow insufficient, cooling tower fan overload, hot water pump overload, hot water flow insufficient , press low pressure High pressure of press, overload of press, protection against ice, protection inside press, phase sequence protection, low temperature on the freezing side, insufficient chilled water flow, excessive temperature on the condensing side, and water flow insufficient on the condensing side   .

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