How dose sewage source heat pump works? 2019-04-16
Using domestic sewage? We are saving your MONEY!

Sewage source heat pump is one of the most promising heat pump technologies in the world.It is estimated that by 2020, the new residential heating demand area in seven major provinces and cities in north China will exceed 400 million square meters.At present, the area of central heating (non-clean energy) in north China is 5.13 billion square meters, and 100 million square meters of residential buildings will be transformed by clean energy every year.By 2020, there will be 500 million square meters of new construction and renovation, of which about 100 million square meters are eligible for sewage source heat pumps.

How Sewage source heat pump heating!

The heating method is the traditional heat pump form, namely sewage source heat pump heating.Sewage water heat pump heating form and the traditional municipal central heating what is different?Sewage-source heat pump heating is not directly heated the water, just take the sewage 3 ℃ to 5 ℃, as heat transfer heat pump units, through the heat pump units energy conversion, will soften the tap water after heating up to 50 ℃ or so, through the heating pipeline to residents of floor heating pipes.As a result, the hot water that enters residents' homes is softened and heated tap water, the same as the water at the end of municipal heating.

The urban sewage discharged into the underground pipe network still have the temperature, the winter water temperature constant, at 13 ℃ - 18 ℃, is the perfect heat source for heat pump system.Is the introduction of sewage into a special tubular heat exchanger, sewage temperature will be transferred to the clean water, at the same time sewage will be discharged back to the main channel, the next heat pump unit is the use of refrigerant liquid-gas-liquid circulation changes of the heat release and heat absorption principle, heating the building after heating.Specifically, in the heat exchange process, except the temperature of water changes, neither water resources consumption, nor water quality deterioration.

More than 75% cost would be saved

    Extracting heat from sewage not only reduces pollution, but also saves energy. Sewage source heat pump heating only requires a little energy consumption, saving coal, fuel oil, gas and other boiler room system, no combustion process, to avoid smoke pollution to the air.With the sewage source heat pump system, each use of a ton of sewage heat, equivalent to the heat generated by burning 1 kg of standard coal. He made a calculation that heating 1 tons of water from 45 ℃ to 15 ℃ needs 30000 calories, if by coal-fired heating needs 6.9 kg of standard coal, using natural gas needs 4.2m³into standard coal (5 kg), direct electricity needs 35 kw, h into standard coal (about 12.3 kg), and the sewage-source heat pump only consumes 8.7 kw, h into standard coal (about 3 kg). Sewage source heat pumps are three-quarters cheaper than direct heating with electricity."China produces 80 billion tons of sewage every year. If we use the sewage source heat pump system, we can provide central heating for 25% of the city's buildings and save 75 million tons of standard coal energy every day."

Sewage source heat pumps actually extract heat from sewage.Its advantages are obvious, the first is highly efficient energy saving, the second, economic and environmental protection, the third, stable operation, safety and reliability, in addition, there is a technology with three.The sewage source heat pump system can be used for heating and cooling as well as producing biological hot water.In terms of investment, it is also relatively economical.

Sewage source heat pump

sewage source heat pump unit

H'Stars Sewage water source heat pump unit(with cold/heat recovery) is extracting the heat from domestic sewage, saving energy and protecting the environment.Using outstanding water source heat pump air central conditioning system can heat in winter and cool in summer. Energy saving is 50% compared with conventional heating method, which can greatly reduce the operation cost.
Cooling Capacity Range :98kw ~ 7931kw ;
Heating Capacity Range: 119kw ~ 9142kw

Application: Bathhouse, Hot spring pool, Swimming pool and other bathing places.

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