How to help pharmaceutical factories to save electricity on HVACR system 2019-08-30

The raw material medicine is mainly produced by raw material fermentation or chemical synthesis. No matter which production process needs to be carried out at a relatively stable low temperature. Different medicines require different temperatures, such as antibiotic raw materials need to be maintained at around 25 °C during fermentation, other chemical raw materials are produced at temperatures ranging from -50 °C to 20 °C. Providing enough low-temperature water to maintain the stability of the drug during the production process is very important.

Pharmaceutical production workshop

Low-temperature water is generally produced by a refrigeration unit. The refrigeration unit is relatively large energy consumption for the production of raw materials. How to reduce the power consumption of refrigeration units is very important to reduce production costs and enhance the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical market.

Then, is it possible to solve this problem by buying a high-efficiency chiller? In fact, this is not the whole solution. In addition to considering the selection of efficient refrigeration units, it is necessary to fully consider the following points to reduce operating electricity costs and reduce production cost.

A pharmaceutical company applies H.Stars centrifugal chiller

By knowing the production process and production characteristics of the medicine, it is estimated that the maximum water consumption, minimum water consumption, and common water volume of the low-temperature water are different. When purchasing the chiller, do not buy only one or a few large-capacity units, but according to the production and the above characteristics of low-temperature water consumption, it is divided into 2 to 4 units to purchase, so that one or two units can be automatically turned on according to the actual water consumption demand during production to meet the production needs.

If you only buy one large cooling capacity unit, you can only turn on one large cooling capacity unit even at low load. The power consumption of this large unit is four times higher than the small unit. Cooling towers and cooling water pumps that the large is unit equipped also cause a lot of waste.

H.Stars Centrifugal Chiller

H.Stars centrifugal chiller features:

1. Centrifugal chiller has built-in oil cooler, which is cooled by refrigerant and requires no maintenance.

2. Use an independent oil return system (injection pump return oil) to ensure timely oil return under any load conditions.

3. The oil pump is built in the compressor oil tank of the unit, and the oil pump has no leakage.

4. The centrifugal chiller adopts the fixed orifice plate throttling device and has no moving parts. Under the variable load conditions, the refrigerant flow can be adjusted in time without hysteresis to ensure the stable operation of the unit.

5. Low-voltage unit, using the soft start cabinet step-down start, the start-up process will not impact the use of the grid.

6. High-voltage units, the use of high-voltage start-up cabinets, which are equipped with integrated protectors, including blocking, phase loss, over current, over voltage and other functions.

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