The Reason That More and More People Choose Magnetic Oil Free Centrifugal Chiller 2019-07-30

With the rapid development of the times and economy, energy conservation and environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction have become an indispensable link. For a long time, the problems of high energy consumption and secondary pollutionof central air-conditioning have brought great burdens to various industries. In the process of product operation, oil pollution, greenhouse effect and other problems will cause secondary pollution to the natural environment. In addition, the problem of large power consumption and pollution of the central air conditioner is also well known. Compared with the traditional centrifugal chiller, the magnetic levitation centrifugal chiller shows that the magnetic levitation centrifugal chiller has no oil path fault, low noise and partial load. It has the characteristics of high performance coefficient, energy saving and environmental protection, which meets the needs of the development of the times. The author has been engaged in chiller research for more than 20 years, has participated in hundreds of chiller projects, and has served as a technical consultant for many times. Now let me introduce the advantages of magnetic oil free centrifugal chiller for everyone.



1. High energy efficiency: using magnetic suspension frequency conversion centrifugal chiller, the annual comprehensive energy efficiency is up to COP 9.7, the unit energy saving is more than 50%, the compressor design is 30+ years service life, no oil lubrication is efficient and reliable, 2A ultra low starting current, full load The noise is as low as 72dBA and there is basically no vibration.


2. high efficiency: due to 100% oil-free design, there is no lubricating oil in the refrigeration system, the surface of the heat exchanger will not form an oil film that hinders heat transfer, thereby providing evaporation temperature in the evaporator, which is reduced in the condenser The condensing temperature and the efficiency of the refrigeration unit are greatly improved; there is no lubricating oil, no consumption of oil pump power, no energy consumed by lubricating oil heating, no cooling capacity consumed by lubricating oil cooling, and the efficiency of the unit is greatly improved.



3. maintenance-free: greatly save maintenance costs 100% oil-free design, no lubricant, no need to replace the oil, do not need to replace the oil filter, do not need to regenerate the evaporator refrigerant, greatly reducing maintenance costs.


4. environmental protection, low noise: environmentally friendly magnetic levitation air conditioning can use environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant, 0 ozone layer damage; and the operation noise is very small.



5. energy saving effect is good: the water system uses variable frequency water pump, the frequency conversion water pump adjusts the chilled water flow according to the water consumption of the customer's end equipment, achieving energy saving 20%-40%.


6. The cooling tower adopts a square cross-flow cooling tower with large air volume and good heat dissipation effect.

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