Donations activities at H.Stars Group 2022-11-16

As we all know that the success of an enterprise comes from the efforts of every employee. H.Stars Group has attached a great importance to its staff with caring for each employee, so that all employee at H.Stars can feel safe and reliable.

Recently, one of the employees named Mr. Shi has been diagnosed as Early Gastric Cancel. Once H.Stars Group got this bad news,  has attached great importance to it. Chairman Mr. Yuen POK HUNG has personally instructed Mr. Ziv Yuen and Mr.  Liu Lei, on behalf of H.Stars Group, to send the company’s greetings and consolation and most importantly to give the donation of total Chinese currency at RMB ¥38361.5 to him.

Donations activities at H.Stars Group

Meanwhile, H.Stars Labor Union has also donated RMB20000 to Mr. Shi and wish him recover soonest after the surgery.

H.Stars Group Donations activities

Although the disease is ruthless, yet there is always love around  the world. No matter how much donation is, we can always try our  best to help the people in need. We believe it can not only encourage Mr. Shi to be strong with great hope to overcome the disease with an optimistic attitude and recover soon, and able to  return back to H.Stars to work together as family again . Hope all the best.

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