DX coil type air handling unit with heat recovery

Air handling unit system
Cooling capacity: 25kW~888kW
evironment temperature:2-43℃

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Product Detail

Main Features of Modular Type Air Handling Unit : 

1.Quiet Air Condition Comfort Air Delivery AHU

2.25/50mm Double Skins Construction

3.Aluminum Framework

4.Painted Steel, GI, SS Panels

5. customized size available

Fresh Air Handling Unit Descriptions: 

1.Good looking and clean surface, excellent heat and low noise, high strength.

2.Double 25mm and 50mm Skin Panel, outer plate is made of high quality steel sheet, while inner plate is made of zinc coated steel sheet. In the middle is high pressure foamed hard polyurethane as insulation.

3. Filter sections of Aluminum pre-filter filter, medium filter, bag type filter HC filter are available upon application requirement.

4.Forward, Backward inclined and Aero Foil Fans are available for specific fan application; Fan assembly framework with adjustable motor base for proper fan belt tension adjustment; Spring isolator for Fan Assembly Frame is special non defective type for protection of vigorous transportation.

Workshop Details

heat recovery air handling unit diagram

dx coil in air handling unit

plate type aluminium core air handling unit


H.Stars Group factory

After Sales Service & FAQ

Q1. H.stars Agent's & Distributor's Benefits ?
A: *  Favorable prices & high quality air handling unit system.
    *  New business opportunities & profits.
    *  Free of charge for brochures & technical data.
    *  Training for products of technical & marketing.
    *  Reply and check the problem for customer and E-mail or phone reply within 24 hours.
    *  On-site support from sales & service team.

Q2. How to proceed an order for Hstars' products ?
A: Firstly let us know your requirements or application.
    Secondly We provide solution according to local weather conditions.
    Thirdly customer confirms the samples and formal order.
    Fourthly We arrange the production.
Q3. Is it OK to print my logo on Hstars' products ?
A: Yes. legal OEM brand is accepted. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the logo design firstly.
Q4: Do you offer guarantee for this Modular Type Air Handling Unit products ?

-               The Seller guarantees the quantity and quality of the goods. The equipments must be 100% brand new and fulfill specifications as mentioned in the contract and must be complied with the Buyer's technical requirement for 12 months from the date of start up of operation machine or 16 months from date of shipment from the factory, whichever comes first. Any unit’s damage will be confirmed by manufacturer who keeps the rights to charge the user if the damage is led by wrong operations or installation.


-               The Buyer or the User will inform the Seller of defect or shortage if any, in writing together with justifier proof within 14 days after finding out the defect or shortage under manufacture’s acknowledgment.



-               In such case, the Seller has to remedy or supply free of charge including transportation fees, import duties and taxes of equipment under manufacture’s acknowledgment.

Q5: How to deal with the faulty ?
A: Firstly, Our products are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate will be less than 0.2%.
Secondly, during the guarantee period, we will send spare parts with new order for small quantity. For defective batch products, we will repair them and resend them to you or we can discuss the solution including re-call according to real situation.



1.Whenever there is a problem from our chiller that you can not solve , please take a video and picture to show us the fault and problems. If it’s our quality problem within guarantee , we shall send you a new one to replace it (No need to send us the damage one ).

2.If the problem can not see obviously from the photo and video, then you need to send us the compressor back to China and we will do the testing and find out the problem ,if it’s our quality problem ,we shall fix it and send to you ,If it can not be fixed ,we shall send you a new one. (the delivery fee from Mexico to China will be paid by your side and we will pay the delivery from China to Mexico).

Please make sure that if the damage is caused by your side during installation or other wrong operation, it will not be guaranteed by us. 


2) About the spare parts , please see the attachment with price list. 

We suggest you to purchase some of the parts  together with the chillers . In case there is a damage ,you can replace it immediately for your clients. Normally the compressor is not easy damaged.

Contact Us For More Details
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Contact Person: Ms May Chow Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 18665672648 Tel: +86-20-62266755 Ext. 886 Fax: +86-20-82266081 Email: maychow@hstars.com.cn
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