High Quality Cleaning Heat Exchanger Shell and Tube Sea Water Evaporator

This kind of sea water shell and tube heat exchanger is widely used in marine equipments but also suitable for those system which needs to process chemical or corossive liquid.
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High Quality Cleaning Heat Exchanger Shell and Tube Sea Water Evaporator

Brief Introduction:This series of products (heat transfer capacity from 11340Kcal/h to 113400Kcal /h), the use of special seawater corrosion resistant heat transfer copper tubes, 16MnR and other high-quality materials, matching the use of seawater as a cooling water source for air conditioning units.

Sea water heat exchanger

Features of Evaporator:

 1. High-performance, long-life sealing materials and high-strength sealing structures are used, and strict airtightness 

    testing methods are used in the manufacturing process to completely eliminate leakage.

 2. Pure heat expansion tube mechanical expansion, completely without  organic glue;

 3. Special materials corrosion resistant heat transfer tubes, while ensuring heat transfer capacity, but also to ensure its service life.

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