Meet you at Changsha from April 17th to 19th April 2019 : Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo 2019-04-29

H.Stars Group will participate in the 57th (Spring) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo from April 17th to 19th, 2019. The new magnetic centrifugal chiller unit and heat recovery screw low-temperature chiller unit will be displayed in the booth. All the customer are welcome to visit our booth.

Exhibition time: April 17-19th, 2019

Booth No:E1-65

Address: Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 118, Guozhan Road, Huangxing Town, Changsha County, Hunan Province)

Magnetic centrifugal chiller unit (More about our industrial chiller)

Heat recovery screw low-temperature chiller unit

Geographic location:

No. 118, Guozhan Road, Changsha County, Changsha City, Hunan Province

Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center is located on the east bank of Liuyang River, Huangxing Town, Changsha County, Changsha City. It covers an area of 800 mu, with a total investment of about 5.78 billion yuan and a total construction area of about 445,000 square meters. The main venue has 6 groups of 12 single-storey pavilions, 6 one-way connecting halls, 2 landing halls, 2 inner corridors and 2 entrance plazas. The indoor net display area is 177,500 square meters, and 8568 rooms are available. Booth; outdoor net display area of 85,000 square meters.

Wish to see you again next year.

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