Vietnam clean room air handling unit project 2020-05-09

Program features

The AHU is equipped with enthalpy different control function, which saves a lot of operating costs in the transitional season;

The chilled water type AHU and the water-cooled type AHU are two types commonly used in air conditioning engineering. These two models are used in different occasions due to their different structures, performances and characteristics. Water cooled chiller + chilled water type AHU are generally used in large and medium-sized occasions, while water-cooled type AHU are generally used in small or medium occasions. After a comprehensive consideration and analysis the project, water-cooled type AHU are used in small factories in terms of the advantage of system pipes, system flexibility and the annual operation cost, installation space, service life and maintenance management of the system are superior to those Water cooled chiller + chilled water type AHU
Direct injection air outlet design saves a lot of air pipe installation works;

AHU connected cooling tower design, improve the overall energy saving of the system, stable and efficient operation

Selection of equipment :

air handling unit project

Water cooled direct expansion AHU
Cooling tower
Vietnam clean room project

Real view of machine room :

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