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Win-win cooperation, confidence development!

If you are longing and excited to join in the HVAC industry, are you still overwhelmed by the lack of a stable and reliable partner?Are you still at a lose what to do because of the lack of professional knowledge and occlusion of industry information?

If you have been in the HVAC industry for decades, are you struggling for your own business is in stagnancy while your peers' are thriving?Are you powerless in the face of a huge market temptation because of your unitary business?

If so, you need a company that provides you with diverse regional cooperation, networked information sharing, and specialized skills training; you need a strong brand backing that gives you support!

Choose "H.Stars" to achieve a brilliant life!

Tremendous corporate strength

High-tech enterprises

27 years central air conditioning brand

Influenced industrial chiller brand in 1992

27 years China refrigeration industry famous brand

Advanced technology enterprise

The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 management system certifications.

Products have passed CE certification by the European Union.

Market potential analysis

1. The Chinese chiller market has been in a dominant position for foreign brands for quite a long time. However, in recent years, with the instability of the international market, domestic independent brands have gradually opened up their own markets. As a manufacturer of chillers for more than 27 years, H.Stars Group has been an agent sales outlet throughout the country.

2. For more than 27 years of development, H.Stars Group has expanded with 8 different subsidiaries, formed the industry chain including R&D, engineering design, energy-saving solutions and air-conditioning services , providing one-stop HVACR services.

3. Environmental protection, energy saving, pioneering and innovation have become H.Stars enterprise symbol, while focusing on the research and development and production of energy-saving commercial central air-conditioning and industrial refrigeration equipment, H.Stars pays more attention to the subdivision of the product application market. Currently, H.Stars has laid a solid foundation in many industrial fields such as beverages, medicine, plastics, photo voltaic solar energy, etc., and has accumulated our practical and efficient industry development model.

Investment policy and support

At present, H.Stars Group has more than 200 agents in the China. In order to expand the product sales channel and realize the strategy of going abroad to build H.Stars’ reputation, H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd. is now recruiting overseas’ agents.

How to Become H.Stars Group’s Agents:

1. The agent must be a legally registered company or corporate juridical person.

2. The agent must agree with the overall business philosophy of H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd. and be willing to abide by the company's business rules and management system.

3. The agent must have experience in the HVAC industry or have certain resources in the HVAC industry.

4. When submitting a written application to the head office, the agent must submit the management structure, operation mode, regional feasibility market analysis report, as well as a certificate and the company's relevant qualification certificate.

Service and Support

1. Free business ability training

In the first year, the company will hold a training course for agent, which will be lectured by the company's sales manager, technical leader and project leader according to their actual needs. The training accommodation expenses including food and hotel during the training period will be arranged by H.Stars Group.

2. Free after-sales training

Overseas agents can also apply for free after sales training one week in advance. The company is responsible for the accommodation arrangement during the training.

3. Technology (selection) support

The company is equipped with professional sales technical engineers to assist agents to sell together. Agents can always seek assistance from sales technical engineers. If there are important projects, the company can also send sales technical engineers to the agent to cooperate on site.

4. Promotion support

For new regional agents, our company will provide promotion support during the business expansion period to help agents open sales.

5. Customer Support

The new customer information and project information that H.Stars has obtained in the region will be handed over to the regional agent for follow-up, and the business volume will be owned by the agent.

6. Major project support

When the agent encounters a major project, the head office can provide full support from business negotiation, program production, bidding production, bidding, and contract signing.

7. Yearly Bonus refund to agent

H.Stars has a motivation for all overseas agents , once you reach annual sales each year, H.Stars will refund bonus to you accordingly.

For more details, please feel free to contact us!

Deputy General Manager: May Chow

Phone & WhatsApp: +8618665672648

E-mail: maychow@hstars.com.cn

Sales Engineer: Fabiana Ding

Phone & WhatsApp: +8613265456455

E-mail: fabiana@hstars.com.cn

Sales Engineer: Nataly Zhang

Phone & WhatsApp: +8615812439313

E-mail: nataly@hstars.com.cn

Sales Engineer: James Chen

Phone & WhatsApp: +8618144854659

E-mail: james@hstars.com.cn

Sales Engineer: Ann Chen

Phone & WhatsApp: +8615800240365

E-mail: ann@hstars.com.cn

Sales Engineer: Vincent Lau

Phone & WhatsApp: +8613570527221

E-mail: vincent@hstars.com.cn

Sales Engineer: Frank Huang

Phone & WhatsApp: +8618318579201

E-mail: frank@hstars.com.cn

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