Zero Pollution Heat Pump Project 2019-01-11

Zero Pollution Heat Pump Project

The first regional “coal to electricity” clean heating pilot demonstration project invested by Shanxi Environmental Protection (SEPG)and Shanxi Huannuo Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. in Linyou County, after 2 months of intense construction, currently, 5 heating stations and 2 single hanging points have been completed and put into use, providing clean heating services for the 260,000 of users in the eastern part of Linyou County.


【Reporter: This is the clean energy heating station of HuiMing Community in Linyou County. The equipment behind me is the air source heat pump system. It mainly uses electrical energy to absorb heat from the air. Heating water temperature and Central heating after conversion . While achieving high-efficiency heating, this system also exerts its characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. It can be said that it has basically achieved zero pollution.

Before 2018, the heating system of Linyou County was based on the central heating through underground thermal pipe network. Due to the old pipe network, insufficient flow and large heat loss in many places in the old city, heating quality and standards are difficult to meet the masses demand. This year, after Shanxi Environmental Protection Group implemented the “coal to electricity” clean heating pilot demonstration project in Linyou County, after more than a month of operation, residents generally reported that this winter heating is not only high temperature, but also the air quality has been greatly improved.

【Feng Zhigang, resident of Linyou county said: the temperature is good this year. It keeps around 20 degrees. You can't feel cold in here.

【Ms. Li, resident of Linyou county: in terms of hygiene, last year's hygiene was not as good as this year's overall, last year the air was dusty, but this year the air is much cleaner than before.


Ma Xiang dong, Chairman of Shanxi Huannuo Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. told reporters that in the implementation of the “coal to electricity” clean heating pilot demonstration project in Linyou County, they passed the preliminary investigation and demonstration and expert review, based on the winter weather data of Linyou County and the old city. The building is free of external wall insulation and heat dissipation from the end radiator, which is solved by an air source heat pump system. The project is designed according to the distributed central heating method. A total of five clean heating energy stations will be built. Each heating season can save about 5712 tons of coal, reducing the emission of various harmful substances by more than 10,000 tons. The energy saving and environmental protection benefits are very significant.

【Ma Xiang dong, Chairman of Shanxi Huannuo Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.: If we use the "coal to electricity" clean energy heating system can meet the heating need of the people who live in Linyou. Then there will not be a problem to use this system to applied in Shanxi Province. This case will be a strong demonstration effect.】


Ma jian gang, deputy head of Linyou county: next, we plan to fully promote the clean energy heating method in the whole county, thoroughly solve the phenomenon of coal-fired boiler heating with an iron hand.

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