Air-cooled Low Temperature Glycol Chiller

H. Stars Air cooled Screw- type Low Temperature Chillers are specially designed and manufactured for the applications like cold storage, food processing, industrial cooling, etc. There are 350 models of standard configuration, cooling capacity from 16.5kw to 2368kw. The outlet chilled water(glycol) temperature range is from (-35℃) to 0℃.
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Air-cooled Low Temperature Glycol Chiller


Hanbell Screw compressor


Self-made high efficiency evaporator


Self-made high efficiency fin type condenser


Axial fan


Siemens PLC programmable controller


Self-made high efficiency plate heat exchanger

Throttle device

Thermal / electronic expansion valve

Startup mode

Star delta starting

Power supply

Insulation material


Anti-corrosion, Waterproof, Mesh insulation

Oil Paint

High-strength matt paint

Water pipe connection


Low temperature glycol chiller

Main components of Air-cooled glycol chiller:

1) Compressor
The compressor of Low temperature air-cooled chiller adopts a well known brand screw compressor with a 5:6 screw rotor design, which is 20%-30% more efficient than a typical compressor. Applicable to environmentally friendly refrigerant like R134A, R407C,R404A with compressor-specific motor, low failure rate,
stable and reliable operation, no fault operation time:50000-80000 hours. The products have obtained two international quality certifications of ISO9001 and ISO9002and multinational patents in Europe and America.

2) Fin condenser

Intelligent design to reduce fan energy consumption while achieving maximum heat transfer. Intelligent copper tube design reduces the pressure drop in the coil (the maximum temperature drop is 0.63K when the refrigerant is R404).

high efficiency heat recovery

3) Axial Fan

Dedicated low-energy fan, intelligent fan nozzle design maximizes air gas flow and noise reduction, stable with long lifespan; motor is with waterproof and dustproof function: IP54; insulation grade: F.

Axial Fan

4) HMI (Human Machine Interface)

10" / 8" true color touch screen Support USB upgrade. Easy operation and intuitive dynamic operation. Displays control center greatly improves efficiency to provide monitoring, data logging, security protection and convenient operation. The control center has a color liquid crystal display (LCD) and a touch panel. Simply press a single button to display a series of technical data and color maps of the corresponding com

5) Precise water temperature control

The control system monitors the change of the chilled water temperature, senses the past and present water temperature conditions, temperature change rate, and precisely adjusts the chiller according to the monitored conditions to operate according to the set value.The chiller password is divided into multiple levels of passwords, providing the operator with a secure access password to prevent unauthorized changes to the settings.

Product features and functions:

1) The low-temperature glycol water chiller can be designed according to the dimension of the machine room, and it can be delivered to the site by CKD (completely knock down ) or SKD(semi knock down) or the whole unit. Different power supply are available according to different countries and regions ,such as high voltage non-standard chiller .

2)Own a heat recovery patent. Waste heat generated in the refrigeration process is recovered by H.Stars patented heat recovery unit to provide free hot water up to 55°C. Boiler replacement to save operating cost.

3)According to user's requirements, H.Stars provides professional advice and selects the most suitable equipment which fits perfectly for each project. Different materials of heat exchange will be recommended to avoid corrosion and leakage according to user’s refrigeration medium used in the project.

4)The variable frequency drive technology greatly improves the Partial load energy efficiency of the chiller ; Evaporative cooling technology with function of high heat exchange efficiency, low investment and save water.

5)Adopting Microcomputer controller, precise control, automatic loading and unloading with multiple functions such as time setting, fault record remote or central monitor. PLC is available for option.

6)The Chiller electrical protection system includes: reverse protection, phase loss protection, compressor and fan overcurrent protection, low temperature protection, high and low voltage protection, water flow protection, etc.

7)The chiller control display can collect various states data of the chiller, and can display operation time, compressor output, inlet and outlet water temperature, and operating status.

Optional part:

Heat Recovery Technology:

H.Stars Group has been engaged in research and practice of heat recovery technology and application for a long period of time and has accumulated a lot of experience in heat recovery and utilization and own a national patent of heat recovery.

Free hot water supplied all year around,cost and energy saving,it can reduces the heat pollution to the environment caused by condensation heat from the chiller largely.

heat recovery unit

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