Air-cooled magnetic bearing Oil-free Centrifugal Chiller

Brief introduction:Magnetic Centrifugal Air-cooled Chiller ,adopting Danfoss Air-cooled dedicated magnetic Tubocor centrifugal compressor, equipped with self-developed and manufactured high-efficiency evaporator and high efficiency fin type condenser. Low energy consumption, low sound external rotor fan is adopted. Chilled water outlet temperature range:5-20℃.Unit can operate at -5 to 43 ℃ ambient temperature. Applicable to all kinds of small and medium size industrial and commercial use.

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Air-cooled magnetic bearing Oil-free Centrifugal Chiller

Main component:

1) Danfoss compressor or Hanbell compressor
2)Active magnetic suspension bearing
3)Permanent magnet synchronous
4)High efficiency evaporator
5)High efficiency condenser
6) Economizer

Product features and functions:
1) Adopts high-integration single-chip microcomputer which greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the system.
2)The HMI directly displays the fault content, and cooperates with the simple operation interface to timely feedback various maintenance information.
3)The unit control system can be connected to the user's central control system (BMS), so the customer can monitor the chiller operation at any time.
4)Over-voltage, under-voltage, three-phase unbalance, and lackphase protection are applied to the external power supply system .

Control center:

1)It is equipped with a 10inch display.
2)Built in electronic expansion valve drive module to sensure more accurate liquid supply.
3)Three phase voltage and current are displayed timely and highly interated with the controller
4)The unit can be connected to each other to form module control, group control or single control freely switch to each control mode.
5)The chiller has built in more than 30 protections functions to provide comprehensive protection for the safe operation of the unit.
6)The chiller has advanced multi-surge function, which combines prevention, control and alarm to make the unit meet the customer's cooling capacity within the safe operation range.

Optional part:

Heat Recovery Technology:
H.Stars Group has been engaged in research and practice of heat recovery technology and application for a long period of time and has accumulated a lot of experience in heat recovery and utilization and own a national patent of heat recovery.

Free hot water supplied all year around,cost and energy saving,it can reduces the heat pollution to the environment caused by condensation heat from the chiller largely.

Air Cooled Oil-free Centrifugal Chillers

50STD series Magnetic Oil Free Air-cooled Centrifugal Chiller 

Refrigerant: R134a   Power supply:380V-3N-50Hz/60Hz

50STD series Magnetic Oil Free Air-cooled Centrifugal Chiller

Air-cooled connection pipe diagram:

air cooled oil free chiller

Wiring diagram:

magnetic oil free chiller

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