Water-cooled magnetic suspension frequency conversion centrifugal chiller

Water-cooled magnetic suspension frequency conversion centrifugal chiller unit
Cooling capacity range: 559KW-1677KW chilled water effluent temperature range: 5-20 °C
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Water-cooled magnetic suspension frequency conversion centrifugal chiller Configuration table:

frequency conversion centrifugal chiller

-Compressor: Danfoss variable frequency secondary centrifugal compressor
-Evaporator: self-produced high- efficiency flooded evaporator
-Condenser: self-produced high efficiency condenser
-Controller: Siemens PLC programmable controller
-Economizer: self-produced high efficiency plate heat exchanger
-Throttle device: electronic expansion valve
-Start mode: variable frequency start Power supply system: 380V-50Hz-3N Insulation material: anti-corrosion,
-waterproof, mesh insulation
-Packing: high-strength plastic sheeting Paint: high-strength matt paint

-Nozzle connection: flange

Compressor of Water-cooled magnetic suspension frequency conversion centrifugal chiller 

--Bearing suspension without friction, no oil, allowing the rotor to rotate at high speed (large cooling capacity and small volume) intelligent integrated system

Compressor of Water-cooled magnetic suspension frequency conversion centrifugal chiller

HStars Magnetic suspension centrifugal chiller unit
- Comparison with other brands


M Brand

Y Brand

H Brand


full load











Cooling capacity range









Compressor type

Two stage

Two stage

Two stage

Two stage






Evaporator type

Flooded type

Fall film type

Flooded type

Flooded type

Motor cooling

Refrigerant cooled

Water cooled

Refrigerant cooled

Refrigerant cooled

Special custom-made: anti-corrosion type products.

oil free centrifugal chiller

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