Change the expensive traditional heating equipment to H.Stars chiller 2018-09-21

Hot water supply is the basic service of the hotel. A 24-hour supply must be guaranteed, along with reasonable water temperature and stable water pressure.  At the same time, the cost of the hotel is constantly increasing, and the installation and use costs must be reduced as much as possible, and the maintenance costs in the future are also low.

hotel heating

H.Stars water heating unit features:

In order to change the expensive operating conditions of traditional boiler heating equipment, electric heating equipment, and solar heating equipment in hotels. H.Stars Group supply an extensive High requirements of heating unit with energy efficiency and  high environmental requirements and the need to minimize operating costs.  Safe and reliable, stable water temperature, low fluctuation, simple control are the most advantage features in hotel hot water system.

Technology applications:

The air source heat pump hot water unit is used to provide 55 °C of domestic hot water, safe and pollution-free, and low operating costs.
1.Heat pump unit solutions and characteristics:
2.High energy efficiency of direct heat water supply
3.There is no need for dedicated guards and no need for dedicated computer rooms to save money
4.Separation of hydropower, no exhaust gas, waste residue, safety and environmental protection
5.Easy to install
6.Smart defrost
7.Autonomous temperature control
8.Multiple protection, safe and reliable
9.Operate around the clock

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