HVAC Cooling Water Cooled Chiller with Heat Recovery for Milk Industry 2018-09-21
For Milk Industry , it requires milk collection system of production and processing,as well as milk storage, which needs to be cooled and chilled at very low temperature. To this end, H.Star (Guangzhou) Refrigeration Group Co., Ltd. has designed three milk refrigeration system solutions for milk factories:

A, Milk collection system : the cryogenic refrigeration system.

B, Milk production and processing :the milk process refrigeration system.

C, Milk storage: ethylene glycol refrigeration system.

A.Cryogenic refrigeration system:


1), "HSTARS" heat recovery low temperature unit with a heat collector, recovery of hot water to do CIP cleaning heatsource, energy conservation;

2), the system adopts cooling water tower precooling, energy saving;

3), the system is equipped with pressure control device, reliable operation;

4), the system is an integrated design, the system is simple, reliable, low failure rate.

B.Milk process refrigeration system:


1), the system of cold water unit adopts a special anti-freeze design with -2 °C frozen water which does not freeze;

2), Two-step refrigeration system . Refrigeration efficiency, cost saving;

3), Freon refrigeration system, fully automatic operation;

The system uses heat recovery technology and can provide free hot water.

C.Milk storage ethylene glycol refrigeration system:


1), the system adopts ethylene glycol indirect refrigeration, safe and pollution-free;

2), the system is fully automatic operation, no need for special management;

3), the system operation is simple, the failure rate is low.

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