Coca-Cola Beverage Concentration Refrigeration Project 2018-10-10
Coca Cola Profile

Coca-Cola is one of the global beverage manufacturers. The company has multiple production bases in the country. In the process of beverage production, in order to prevent bacteria from reproducing in beverages, it is necessary to quickly cool down the beverages to achieve the requirements of inhibiting bacterial reproduction and high temperature sterilization, nutritional hygiene, safety, and long shelf life.

Project Requirements
1, Office air conditioning, workshop air conditioning, canned filling area purification air conditioning;
2, Filling machine, Extraction cooling and other machines needed cooling equipment.

According to the requirements of the project, H.Stars Group has designed a beverage central freezing system for the project. The system not only provides clean air-conditioning refrigeration, but also cooling water with precise water temperature

System Characteristics
1, the system selected "H.Stars" flooded- type water cooled chiller unit, high efficiency with energy saving, COP up to 5.8 ;
2, the chiller unit uses environmental-friendly R134a refrigerant, in line with the United States green certification conditions;
3, online energy efficiency testing, instant monitoring;
4, centralized cold source design, convenient operation management;
5, high automation, less operators involved, cost saving .

Customer Recognition
H.Stars commercial refrigeration equipment, with the advantages of stable operation and convenient maintenance, has gained the predilection and recognition from Coca-Cola company. Therefore, Coca-Cola has built new production bases throughout the country and has chosen our refrigeration equipment to use as a refrigeration system. At present, we maintain a good cooperative relationship with Coca-Cola.
Coca Cola production base using a stellar beverage centralized refrigeration system:

Coca Cola Company Production(Wuhan) Co. Ltd.
Coca Cola Company Production(Hangzhou) Ltd.
Coca Cola Company Production(Foshan) Co. Ltd.
Coca Cola Company Production(Chengdu) Co. Ltd.

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