Explosion-proof Low Temperatuur Water Cooled Chiller for Chemical Industry 2018-10-10
Jia Hao Chemical Introduction

Dongying Jiayu Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new type of scientific and technological energy chemical enterprise engaged in deep processing of liquefied petroleum gas. The company is located in the fine chemical park of Shikou Town, Dongying District. It was established in November 2003 and has a registered capital of 60 million yuan. The main products are MTBE, propane, carbon Penta, isobutane and liquefied petroleum gas.

explosion-proof chiller

Project Requirements
Petrochemical equipment such as catalytic cracking units need cryogenic refrigeration.

According to the requirements of the project,  H.Stars Group has designed a chemical cryogenic refrigeration system for the project.
Jia Hao Chemical Choose H.Stars Explosion-proof Water Cooled Chiller Unit

explosion-proof water cooled chiller

System Characteristics
1, use explosion-proof  screw- type low tempareture water cooled chiller unit;
2, the unit explosion level is DIIBT 4, protection level is IP55;
3, using Siemens PLC, simple and reliable control, quick system maintenance  ;
4, use high voltage of 10,000 Volts  , high-pressure start cabinet isolated settings, safe operation.

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