GD University of Technology students completed study in the field at H.Stars Group 2019-09-27

In September 2019, H.Stars Group welcomed the teachers and students of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning College of Guangdong University of Technology. This time, the students were divided into two batches and spent two weeks of internships in our company. As the off-campus practice base of Guangdong University of Technology,  H.Star Group will welcome this professional teachers and  internships students on September  each year. In this harvest season, the students will come to the H.Stars Group with doubts and curiosity, and return with relief and harvest.

H.Star General Manager M.r Liu introduced special intelligent products

Which Including heat pump package unit, packaged heat pump, screw chiller, scroll chiller

H.Stars Chief engineering manager Mr. Sun introduces featured products

Instant milk chiller, stainless steel chiller, energy efficient heat pump.

UAR general manager Mr. Liu introduced the featured products:

heat pump heat exchanger,industrial air to air heat exchanger, and heat exchanger in refrigeration system

On-site internship

Take a group photo to mark the occasion

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