H.Stars Group participated in the MCE Exhibition in Singapore 2019-09-30

In Singapore market H.Stars Group mainly focus on the magnetic oil free chiller and the centrifugal chiller. These two efficient and energy-saving chillers perfectly fit the market demand and government energy efficiency requirements of Singapore. Attracting the attention of many Singapore engineering companies and they had a good conversation with us on the exhibition about the future of cooperation in Singapore.

At the fair, we meet with many customers from Singapore Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries. It helped us to deepen our understanding of the Singapore market and how to market in Singapore, how to cooperate with Singapore customers have a more profound comprehension. At the same time, we also discussed the possibility of cooperation with several engineering companies in Singapore. Furthermore we had chance to visit customer companies and have more business cooperation opportunities and communication.

This trip we also met with our agent in Singapore for three hours of conversation, deepened the compactness of the two companies. After the meeting Singapore agent encountered several problems had been solved. Such as precisely controlling the water temperature in chemical plant cooling system, which need only through a water-cooled chiller, then we can achieve two kinds of temperature water supply at the same time. It saves the unit of initial investment and more energy efficient. Besides, H.Stars Group also discussed the project of anti-corrosion chiller with the agent in Singapore, which greatly supported the possibility of the agent winning the marine project. Our aim is to establish a harmonious relationship of win-win cooperation with our agent.

In the end, I would like to thank the agent and all the Singapore customers for their warm hospitality. We not only found the excellent business opportunities in Singapore, but also felt the excellent cultural quality and business literacy. Singapore's relentless pursuit of strict control of product quality and energy efficiency is exactly the attitude and goal that H.Stars Group has always been adhering to. Hope H.Stars Group will do better in the Singapore market and the Southeast Asian market.

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