H.Stars Group has attended Philconstruct EXPO 2019-11-29

         From November 7th to 10th, 2019, H.Stars Group participated in the 2019 HVAC /R Exhibition in the Philippines and achieved complete success. This exhibition is a very important platform for companies to open the Philippine market. It attracted 507 exhibitors and attracted 62,316 businessmen. The exhibition was held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, and the exhibition area reached 31,697 square meters.

Because the exhibition is located in the city center, there is a lot of customer come to our booth, and the strong promotion of the Internet platform, the effect of this exhibition is more than we expected. Therefore, a Philippine agent was successfully signed at the exhibition, which can be responsible for designing the plan, installing equipment and after-sales service.

The Philippine government has greatly increased investment in infrastructure construction since 2015, with investments in airports and highways reaching more than 17 billion U.S. dollars. However, due to the relatively weak infrastructure in the Philippines and the technology's dependence on foreign countries, Chinese brands entering the Philippine market have great advantages in terms of location and price.

Facing the fast-growing Philippine market and the construction of various infrastructures, industrial machines are particularly important. Therefore, the products that H.Stars Group presents in the Philippines show mainly include industrial chillers, special customized products and other equipment.

Finally, we would like to thank the old customers in the Philippines for their strong support and help from local customers. H.Stars Group will provide customers with the best support with high-quality products and dedicated service spirit. Congratulations to the H.Stars Group for doing better and better in the Philippines and the global market.

       If you are interested in magnetic chiller, industrial process chiller, heat pump chiller, and other hot sale products, just contact us.

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