H.Stars Group successfully attended The Big 5 Expo in Dubai 2019-12-23

H.Stars Group has participated in the Big5 Expo from 25th November 2019 to 28th November 2019 with great success.

BIG5 is the largest construction, building materials and services exhibition in the Middle East. It was held in 1980 and is held annually. It is the most influential exhibition in the five major industries in the Middle East.  It focuses on construction equipment, machinery, tools and Professional exhibition of vehicles.

This exhibition is composed of three industries: solar energy, construction, and HVAC.

The Big 5 exhibition hall is relatively large as a whole, and there are three professional refrigeration halls. 

H.Stars Group has been the second time to participate the Big 5 exhibition. H.Stars new developed: 90℃ heat pump with high COP and energy saving are very popular in the Big5 Expo, attracted hundreds of customers .

Dubai is in the center of the Middle East and radiates to other countries in the Middle East. The customers at the exhibition are not only from Dubai, but also from other countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

The UAE ranks among the best in the world in terms of economic and equipment requirements. In recent years, Air conditioners in the UAE need to be updated, many commercial and industrial central air-conditioning systems need to be replaced with new energy-efficient air-conditioning products, UAE has certain market potential. Due to geographical reasons, the United Arab Emirates is basically in T3 condition in three seasons of the year. However, due to the lack of water in the United Arab Emirates, the market demand in the United Arab Emirates is basically air-cooled units.

In addition, the UAE is near the sea, and most of the units and heat exchangers need to be anti-corrosion coated . Heat pump units have a considerable local market, especially air source heat pump, geothermal heating and cooling.

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