H.Stars Group Internship Base for Guangzhou University Students 2022-03-07
At 16:00 on December 31, 2021, the one-week internship for students majoring in "Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering" of Guangzhou University in 2019 was successfully completed in H.Stars Group.

Yuan Bohong, chairman of H.stars Group, has always been enthusiastic about and devoted to the training of college students. Although the company is busy with business, he still attaches great importance to the internship of students. He personally participated in the specific arrangements for students' internships, requiring the general managers of the two industrial companies in the group's industrial chain to personally participate in the students' training courses, and carefully designed highly targeted internship courses combining theory, practice, and cases.

Let's take a look at the wonderful moments of the students during their internship:

HVAC training

Guangzhou H.Stars General Manager Liu Zhandong conducted pre-internship training

Chiller training

UAR General Manager Liu Lei conducts pre-internship training

HVAC training cooling and heating

H.Stars chiller factory

Director Tan of H.Stars production workshop explained the structure of the unit on the spot

HVAC training

UAR shell and tube heat exchange training

After the internship, Zhang You, chief engineer of UAR, communicated with the students on technology

HVAC training

Students who are curious about knowledge go to Chief Engineer Zhang's office for advice

Chiller training

H.Stars career planning course

career planning course

May Chow, the Vice President from H.Stars Group overseas department has shared a career planning course with university students

On the last day of 2021, the  “Building Environment and Energy Application” majors of Guangzhou University left a precious group photo of their internship at the door of H.Stars Group. After graduation, I hope they will use what they have seen, learned, What I realize is that through career planning, it is fully integrated with the theoretical knowledge they learned in school, and they have improved in various fields. The future will belong to you!

H.Stars Group Internship Base for Guangzhou University Students

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