H.Stars Group Shell and tube heat exchanger advantages-product technology development and selection 2020-03-06

Technical team

The technology research and development team has a total of 10 people, including 8 with a bachelor degree, 2 with senior titles, and 6 with intermediate titles.

Product Performance Calculating Software

1. Used in the refrigeration industry shell and tube heat exchanger uses the refrigeration industry WIELAND software to calculate the heat transfer performance of the heat exchanger. The WIELAND software includes R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R502, R507, R717, R245fa and other media. :

2. The heat exchangers used in chemical, petroleum and other industries use the American heat transfer software HTRI to calculate the heat transfer performance of the heat exchangers. All heat exchangers are tested for heat transfer performance through a performance test platform to ensure the margin of heat exchanger use and meet customer needs.

3. The strength calculation of heat exchangers and pressure vessels of various tanks uses the pressure vessel industry SW6-2011v4.0 software to calculate its strength, and passes the inspection of Guangzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and leaves the factory.

WIELAND software operation interface:

WIELAND software operation interface:

HTRI software operation interface:

HTRI software operation interface

SW6-2011v4.0 software operation interface:

SW6-2011v4.0 software operation interface

Heat exchanger performance test platform

Heat exchanger performance test platform

Product Production License

GUANGZHOU UNITED A/C&R CO., LTD obtained a Class D pressure vessel manufacturing license in 1998, a Class D pressure vessel design license in 2008, and a Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Agency Certificate in 2017.

Product Operation Process:

The test relies on the H.Stars Group's independent test platform to test all types of heat exchangers and form reports for analysis and demonstration. The perfect operation process and more than 20 years of technical accumulation have accumulated rich design experience, keeping our products continuously leading.

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