H.Stars Group Successfully Participated 29th Karachi HVACR Exhibition 2019-02-26

First of all, warmly celebrate the success of H.Stars Group at the 29th HVACR Expo in Karachi, Pakistan.


At this Expo, H.Stars has displayed its flagship product: water cooled screw type chiller with heat recovery unit, and shell and tube flooded type heat exchanger. These two energy-efficient products have attracted a lot of interest and attention from many exhibitors and visitors. Likewise, many visitors, which from different industry such as pharmaceutical, construction, hotels etc, have attracted by our chiller and come to our booth. They come to advisory us about how our chiller can improve their energy efficiency. After our introduction and recommendations, many visitors have a clear understanding of our products, indicating recognition of our products and our professionalism. In addition, we also provided design solutions for some visitors.

While reaching a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers, we also went to the customer's factory for site visits, which helps us understand installation and problems of refrigerating equipment of the client also recognize the requirements of customers and the refrigerating equipment industry in Pakistan. This experience helps us to an international perspective, which will bring new opportunities for the further development in the Pakistani market.


At the same time, H.Stars Group is much honored to have the interviews of Pakistan TV (PTV) and the warm hospitality of local friends, which lets us taste the Pakistan cuisine and see the customs of Pakistan. We believe that through this profound and meaningful Expo experience, we will establish more business contacts and deeper friendship with Pakistan in the near future. Finally, we would like to show our sincere gratitude to the staffs of the Karachi Exhibition Association for their help during the Expo and the warm hospitality of the Pakistan friends. We look forward to seeing you again in the coming year.


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