How to maintain the low temperature chiller 2019-02-15

How to maintain the low temperature chiller

low temperature chiller

Low temperature chiller is a type of industrial chillers. Many industries require low temperature cooling. They are generally used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries for cooling. Ordinary water chiller can't meet the requirements of refrigeration. Therefore, you need to use low temperature chiller to provide dozens degrees below zero water. Low temperature water-cooled chiller(general water temperature setting to 0 ℃ to (-40) ℃). The working intensity of the low-temperature chiller is relatively high. We need to maintain the chiller in daily use well, can we avoid the failure of the low-temperature chiller and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Failure to maintain will result in production losses or safety hazards. So how to maintain the low temperature chiller?

low temperature water cooled chiller

A.Inspection of low temperature chiller:
Before using the low-temperature chiller, it is necessary to troubleshoot and overhaul the whole machine.
First of all, it is necessary to check whether the power switch is normal, whether the safety of the fuse is good, and whether the connection of other parts of the chiller is normal, so as to ensure everything is normal before starting to operate.
Secondly, after the use of the chiller, also want to carry out a certain inspection, to see if there is because of the use of the fault, found that should be handled in a timely manner.
In addition, after a long period of use, the low-temperature chillers should regularly check the use of the heater copper pipe, refrigerating oil, oil filter element, drying filter and other components. In case of any damage, they should be replaced in time.

B. Maintenance of low temperature chiller:
1. Antifreeze
When the ambient temperature is below zero and the chiller is out of service, the concentration and density of the refrigerant inside the evaporator should be checked to prevent freezing. The cooling water system can run the cooling pump for 24 hours or drain the cooling water.
2. Maintenance of electronic control system
Now we use mostly intelligent electric refrigeration equipment, electronic control system of intelligent controller (PLC and single-chip microcomputer), control panel, AC contactor and other electrical components. In a year the stopping down inside there will be a lot of dust when breaking the total power clean out all the electrical components, Clean up before the power on, to prevent battery drain and program loss in the controller.
3. Routine maintenance of the unit
General water cooling cold water chiller use one to two years to do a routine maintenance (including the replacement of frozen oil oil filter drying filter element) to ensure that the use of the unit more stable and efficient.
4. Clean condenser and cooling tower
Condenser and cooling tower is a circulation system, usually the cooling tower is an open cycle, heat exchange with the air for a long time there will be a lot of dust and silt in the cooling tower packing and cooling water when the unit is out of use should be cleaned the cooling tower packing, basic plate and condenser line.

Good maintenance of low temperature chiller can effectively extend its service life, keep the chiller running efficiently for a long time, improve production efficiency and bring more benefits to the enterprise.

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