H.Stars High Efficiency Water Source Heat Pump for Greenhouse Project 2020-05-22

Project Reference

Flower greenhouse plantation in Hubei. The total area of the greenhouse is 175000㎡. According to different temperature and humidity requirements of different flowers, the heat pump unit is needed.

Ground Source Heat Pump Greenhouse

greenhouse heat pumps


1. 1 the indoor temperature of the greenhouse is 30℃±2℃ in summer and 20℃±2℃ in winter.
2. The relative humidity in summer and winter greenhouses is 70%~75


According to the customer's needs for greenhouses and equipment use safety, energy saving and environmental protection investment cost operation cost requirements. Equipment selection has fully considered the environmental climate around the project, through the analysis of outdoor air parameters. It is known that the local groundwater resources are relatively rich, suitable for the use of water source heat pump units we provided 12 H.Stars flooded type water source heat pump units, the internal vertical jet AHU.

Water source heat pump

1. Water source heat pump unit is widely used;

Water source heat pump unit can be used for cooling, heating and free production of a large number of domestic hot water, a multi-purpose machine, a system can replace the original boiler and air conditioning two sets of equipment or system.
Especially for buildings with both cooling and heating requirements. Water source heat pumps have obvious advantages, it not only energy saving but also reducing the initial investment.

2. Water source heat pump unit

No need boiler system for heating and no need cooling tower in the cooling system. no discharge pollution during use.

3. Water source heat pump unit is highly efficient and energy-saving;

The unit has a high COP. 1KW energy available for the heating and cooling requirement of 6-10 ㎡ area, water source heat pump consumption of 1KW. H power, users can get 4.3 ~ 5.0kw.h heating capacity or 5.4 ~ 6.2kw.h cooling capacity. It's 30 to 80% more energy efficient than a typical central air conditioner.

4. Water source heat pump unit is safe and reliable;

The characteristic of constant water temperature makes the operation of the water source heat pump unit more reliable and more stable and ensures the efficiency and economy of the system.

5. The water source heat pump unit is small in size and occupies less space;

The machine room area of 10000 square meters building is 30 ~ 40 square meters.

6. Water source heat pump unit is easy to control;

All air conditioning systems are precisely controlled by microcomputer, the main machine and circulation pumps, submersible pumps, and other auxiliary equipment are connected to the Internet, users can charge independently, adjust the water temperature, room temperature, adjust the start and stop time and remote monitoring.

7. Water source heat pump unit saves installation area

Take the surface water as the cold and hot source and release heat to it or absorb heat.

This design does not consume water resources will not cause pollution to it, and the elimination of boiler room and affiliated coal yard, oil storage room, cooling tower, and other facilities.

The machine room area is smaller than the conventional air conditioning system.

8. Water source heat pump unit is a renewable energy utilization technology

The water source heat pump (WSHP) is a heating and air conditioning system that uses the solar energy resources stored in the water body of the earth as the cold and heat sources for energy conversion.

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