"H.Stars" intelligent High Temperature 135℃ Lubricating Oil Cooling Water Chiller Project Reference 2021-08-03

H.Stars Group has recently produced high temperature 135℃ water chiller and supplied and installed to one of the industrial factory use. Below are the project details

1、 Project Overview

A Chongqing Precision Industry Group Co., Ltd., customer demand: 100L high temperature lubricating oil dropped from 135°C to -40°C.


One unit of single dual-stage low-temperature cold water integrated machine.

3、Equipment advantages
Graded cooling: The first stage uses a cooling tower to cool down, and the heat is dissipated into the air through the cooling tower. The second stage uses low-temperature chillers.
Hence,there are total obvious 7 advantages of this chiller :
1) The initial investment is small, and the freight cost is low
2) The cooling tower adopts high temperature resistant packing to meet customer's technological requirements.
3) The unit adopts Hanbell's high-efficiency single-unit two-stage compressor unit, which has high energy efficiency and stable performance.
4) Integrated design, cooling water pump, electric valve, plate changer, differential pressure valve, filter are installed together in the project, saving installation costs for customers.
5) It adopts microcomputer control, one-button start and automatic operation.
6) The equipment has low noise, and the whole machine is equipped with sound insulation cotton to reduce noise.
7) The minimum oil temperature of the evaporator of the unit is 45 degrees below zero.

System design :

High Temperature Water Chiller Design

Chiller Production Photoes

High Temperature Water Chiller

Hsatrs High Temperature Water Chiller

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