H.Stars Ice Water System Solution of Food and Beverage Workshop 2019-06-19

Ⅰ. Demand Situation

This is a process of ice water system project of a food and beverage company. The ice water system mainly meets the requirements of ice water on the production line. The required ice water temperature has two temperatures, one is 5 ℃ ice water; the other is -5 ℃ ice water.

ice water system project

. Load Calculation

1.  5 ℃ ice water total cooling capacity is 1500KW;

2. -5 ℃ ice water total cooling capacity 750KW;

3. 12-℃ ice water configuration ice water tank: 2 15M3 stainless steel insulated water tanks;

4. -5 ℃s ice water configuration ice water tank: 2 15M3 stainless steel insulated water tank.

. Design Ideas

Because the temperature of the ice water required by the production line is different, and the amount of cold water required for various temperatures of ice water is not much different, in order to reduce operating costs. Therefore, the chiller and ice water system are selected according to different temperatures.


. Equipment Selection

1. Main machine: The 5℃ ice water system selects a H.Stars water-cooled industrial chiller (model 40STD-2020WDI2, cooling capacity 2016KW, input power 348.4KW).

2. The host: -5℃ ice water system selected a H.Stars water-cooled industrial chiller (model 40STD-1090DSM2, cooling capacity 824KW, input power 239.9KW).

H.Stars Industrial Water Cooled Chiller

3. One unit of 5℃ ice water chiller unit and cooling tower.

4. One unit of -5℃ ice water chiller unit and cooling tower.

5. Cooling Water Pump:

Two units of 5℃ water cooled chiller unit and cooling water pumps ;

Two units of -5℃ water cooled chiller unit and cooling water pumps

6. Chilled water pump:

Two units of 5℃ water cooled chiller unit and chilled water pumps ;

Two units of -5℃ water cooled chiller unit and cooling water pumps.

. Use & Control

1. 5℃ ice water and -5 degrees ice water system use and control mode is exactly the same, divided into cooling water system, ice water internal circulation system, ice water external circulation system.

2. The chiller, cooling tower, cooling water pump and chilled water pump operate in a one-to-one mode.

. System Advantages

1. High efficiency and energy saving:

1.1 With double water tank system, the unit's water temperature is high (5 degrees higher than the single tank system), and the unit efficiency is high (15% higher than the single tank system).

1.2 The water tower and water pump of the unit are in one-to-one mode, which effectively reduces the operating costs of the supporting equipment of the crew.

2.  Easy to Use and Long-Service Life:

2.1 The unit supporting water tower, water pump adopts one-to-one correspondence mode, the operation is simple and convenient, and the overall service life of the unit is improved;

2.2 The unit uses microcomputer control, with phase loss, reverse, over current, overload, high and low protection, fault inquiry, fault analysis, memory and other functions, easy to use and maintain management.

. Energy Saving Analysis

1. Use double water tank to increase electricity cost saved by evaporation temperature

The use of dual water tanks to increase the evaporation temperature saves electricity costs, which is determined by the performance of the compressor unit. According to the performance parameters of the compressor, under the same condensing temperature, for every 1 degree increase of the evaporation temperature, the cooling capacity of the unit can be saved by about 3.3%. The double water tank can increase the evaporation temperature by 5 degrees, so the cooling capacity can be increased by about 16.5%. According to the average load rate of the unit in the 5000 hours of the whole year, the electricity cost that would be reduced is $52000.

2. The water tower and water pump of the unit are saved by the one-to-one mode, which is related to the production load rate.

. Conclusion

1. The factories that need cooling water and sanitary hot water at the same time are not only used in the pressure and plastic industries, but also in the pharmaceutical, electronics, electroplating, chemical, dairy, PV, food, refrigeration, textile and other industries.

2. If heat recovery is available, the host can use a heat recovery unit. If there’s no sufficient heat for heat recovery, auxiliary heating equipment or a heat pump unit with full heat recovery water source can be chosen.

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