How much cost will spend for a 1000m³ cold storage? 2018-12-25

I want to transform the bungalow into a cold storage for storing fruits and vegetables. The dimensions are 5*80*2.5m1000 cubic meters, 200 tons storage, and cold storage temperature: +5°C. What is the cost of the cold storage?

Many customers are very concerned about the cost of cold storage. Here are some of the six factors that affect the cost of cold storage and the reference to cold storage cost.

1. Geography: The external environment of the cold storage construction area will directly affect the selection and quantity of cold storage materials;

2, temperature: the same library capacity, the lower the temperature, the higher the cold storage cost. Common fresh-keeping warehouse 0~5°C, freezer -15~-25°C, ultra-low temperature -30~-60°C, cool storage 20°C;

3, size: the greater the capacity of the cold storage, the higher the cost. The more cooling capacity and insulation materials required, the higher the price of natural cold storage;

4. Function: Some special cold storages are more expensive than ordinary cold storage, such as: explosion-proof warehouse, air-conditioning warehouse;

5, system: different cold storage programs, refrigeration systems also have multiple choices, unit brands, the price difference is large;

6, the compartment: the same capacity cold storage, the number of partitions is different, the number of cold storage equipment configuration is also different, these are also one of the key factors affecting the final cold storage price;

Let us take the 0-5°C fresh-keeping library as an example to illustrate the difference in cost between different cold storage capacity spaces. The following quotations are estimated based on the quality of the cold storage and the after-sales basis.

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