Industrial Heat Exchanger Flooded Type Evaporator

Internal enhanced thread, ensure high heat transfer efficiency; Cooling capacity from 2.5 TR to 1,000 TR; All self-made components, strict quality & cost control, inspected by our own lab and authorized third party before delivery; 1 to 8 refrigerating circuits available, or as per special design; CE, PED and ASME certificates are optional; Stainless steel evaporator, titanium evaporator, flooded evaporator, spray type evaporator are available; OEM business is welcomed.
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Industrial Heat Exchanger Flooded Type Evaporator

  • High heat transfer efficiency heat exchanger.
  • Less refrigerant initial charge.
  • Higher return oil efficiency.


1. Discription:


(1) Name: High Efficiency Flooded Type Heat Exchanger Evaporator

(2) Media: R22  R123a  R407c

(3) Cooling capacity:

A: Single circuit 3RT~220RT(9072kcal/h~665280kcal/h) 

B: Double circuits 90RT~300RT(272160kcal/h~907200kcal/h)

C: Triple circuits 24RT~150RT(72576kcal/h~453600kcal/h)

(4)Functions: Evaporate the liquid refrigerant into gas in a short period, and cool down the chilled water for A/C systems


UAR copper tubing


(1) High performance self-made ASME heat exchanger evaporator from raw material metal sheet,strict quality control and pretty competitive price.

(2) X-ray Leakage test, Water Bath Leakage Test, N2 Pressure Test with third party certification for each heat exchanger before shipment.

(3) All associated parts including covers, tube sheet, eliminator, flanges, sensor wells, are all made within the production line.

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