Industrial Indoor Air Quality control hvac IAQ AHU

Indoor air quality, it is not only affecting personal health, but also plays an important role to the productivity efficiency for enterprise and country economic growth. There are different types of pollutants in different fields, to best cope with the air quality with effective component and reasonable air quantity is required. In addition, according to the amount of pollutants to configure valuable right filters and filter Medias with sufficient dust holding capacity or adsorption and degradation to make the units operate effectively for a long time.
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Industrial Indoor Air Quality control hvac IAQ AHU

Configuration of IAQ air handing unit

1) Return air intake(Flange or round connection)
2) Primary filter
3) Double-effect electrostatic precipitator
4) Odor Ozone filter
5) Gas phase filter
6) Variable speed fan
7) HEPA filter
8) Control panel
9) Active sterilization mold removal

10) Supply Air outlet(Flange or Round connection)

IAQ air handing unit

Packing & Delivery  for industrial indoor air quality AHU
Stable and timely supply guaranteed

Export standard paper carton and wooden case packing available

Customized packing acceptable

industrial indoor air quality

1.Are you a factory?
--- Yes, we are a professional AHU manufacturer for more than 20 years.

2.How do you check the goods?
--- We inspect all the materials when they arrive, and have spot inspection during production process. All goods will be tested and double inspected before delivery, providing 100% guarantee for clients.

3. How to select the suitable models?
---The parameters above is just for your reference. We need you to provide us the air flow, ESP or TSP, cooling capacity, heating capacity or application for our team to design the suitable unit for you.

4.How and when can I get the quotation?
--- Send us the inquiry or leave us message. We will get back to you within 1 hour during the working time. All messages will be replied whenever they comes.

5.What's your payment terms?
--- Usually we accept T/T or LC. 30% deposit. Other payment terms can be discussed when orders confirmed.

6.Do you provide OEM service?
--- Yes! We provide OEM and ODM service.

7.What's the lead time for your goods?
--- Normally 25 workdays. For urgent orders, we can make special arrangement to fulfill your request. 

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