Open Type Industrial Explosion-proof Chiller Machine

For special industries with explosion-proof requirements, H.Stars independently designs and produces explosion-proof chiller units. Specially designed products according to different explosion-proof levels, with explosion-proof technology and certificates, explosion-proof levels can reach: Ex dIIBT4.
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Product Detail
Explosion-proof Chiller Machine is customized according to customer demand, and the cooling capacity range is 30 ~ 1200KW. We can also produce explosion-proof chiller units with different voltages according to customer power requirements.

Explosion-proof compressor


Compressor: Explosion-proof compressor
Evaporator: High-efficiency evaporator (self-produced)
Condenser: High-efficiency condenser (self-produced)
Liquid pipe: 1.2 ~ 2.0mm copper pipe
Oil separator: built-in oil content
Fan: Explosion-proof fan
Controller: Explosion-proof microcomputer controller (programmable controller / Siemens)
Electrical components: Explosion-proof components (Fuji / Schneider)
Throttling device: brand thermal expansion valve (Emerson / Danfoss)
Freezing oil: mineral oil
Starting method: Star Delta start, direct start
Power system: 380V-50Hz-3Phase
Electric control box: explosion-proof electric box
Insulation material: anti-corrosion, waterproof, mesh insulation layer
Packaging: wooden chassis + waterproof film
Paint: High-strength matte paint
Nozzle connection: flange / thread interface

Stainless steel explosion-proof electric box

Protective device:
1.Explosion protection
2.Reverse phase protection
3. Phase loss protection
4. Overcurrent protection
5. Anti-icing protection
6. High and low voltage protection
7. Exhaust temperature protection
8. Reserved water flow protection interface

Explosion-proof electric box

1. Use explosion-proof electric control cabinet, explosion-proof level can reach: ExdIIBT4 level.
2. Have nationally recognized explosion-proof certificate.
3. The unit has 8 safety protection measures to ensure the normal operation of the unit.
4. Optional microcomputer control and PLC control; can expand network functions and provide remote monitoring and after-sales service.
5. Optional heat recovery device to realize heat recovery and utilization.

 Explosion-proof fan

Explosion-proof certificate CNEx11.2428

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