Telewin Air Throw 40M Jet Blow Fresh Air Conditioning Unit Air Handling Unit HVAC

This type of AHU is suitable for commercial and industrial large open space, production line, sport center, airport terminal, train station, factory workshop and shopping mall.

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Product Detail

Main Features

-Supply jet blow air of air throw up to 40M to conditioning open space
-Ultra slim ceiling mounted AHU (only 490mm height up to 2000CMH), save installation space
-Plug and play concept for easy installation and commissioning
-No ductwork, save installation cost and time
-Large air volume (20000CMH) and cooling capacity (200kW)
-Fixed points jet distribution, max distribution distance more than 40M
-Operation efficiency and energy saving
-Outstanding reliability and performance


H.Stars Group Factory


• Penta-post extra heavy gauge aluminium profiles and strong  fiber-reinforced PE corner connection forming the structural  frame
• superior mechanical strength and rigidity to the unit frame and  to prevent any buckling or deformation
• Thermal bridge free design, the profiles filled with polyurethane   foam for insulation
• Anodizing surface treatment for profiles, corrosion-resistant
• Stainless steel frame available


Casing Panel and Insulation

• Double skin construction is provided by sandwich type panels  comprising inner and outer painted steel skins and  polyurethane foam with minimum 48kg/m3 density,  providing a good thermal and acoustical performance
• The gasket liner between the panels and frame ensures the air   leakage rate to comply with GB/T 14294 clean air conditioning  requirement
• The factory painted steel sheet covered with 6 insulation  coatings, complies to 500h salt spray testing, showing an  excellent corrosion protection performance


Famous Brand Fan and Motor

• Fan selection based on the air flow and air static requirement    is done by fan selection software
• Direct driven/ belt driven, forward curve/ backward curve  centrifugal fans, and EC fan is available for option
• Nicotra, Kruger, Deton, Yilida is offered as option
• Motor is TEFC type, class F insulation and IP54 or IP55  protection, energy saving and stable operation
• Mounted on an adjustable slide for belt tension adjustment
• Variable frequency drive (VFD) motor is available
• Siemens, ABB, WEG, TECO is offered as option

Certificates approved

High Efficiency Cooling and Heating Coil

• All coils calculation and selection is done by selection  software to match the required conditions
• Large coil face area ensures maximum heat transfer rate
• All coils tested at 30bar pressure underwater 24 hours
• Various corrosion resistance coils for option:
  -Cooper tube with cooper fins coil
  -Epoxy coated fins coil
  -Electrophoresis fins coil
  -Heresite coated coil


Vibration Eliminator

• To reduce the transmission of vibration and noise, fan and  motor are installed on an independent complete base frame
• The complete base frame is isolated by deflection type spring  isolators
• This unique structure not only reduce the vibration and noise,  but also protect fan and motor during transportation


Stainless Steel Drain Pan

•Slop type design, no drain water carryover
•Avoid the micro-organisms growth inside the drain pan

Antimicrobial Drain Pan is offered as option
•SteriTouch technology Drip Pan Coating
•Antimicrobial surface
•Good exterior durability and corrosion resistance
•Non-toxic, comply with BS476 part 7


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