The Air - energy Heat Pump Has Replaced The Coal - fired Boiler As The Preferred Equipment In The Bath Center 2019-03-17

Since air energy heat pump began to enter the clean energy market, it has been favored by users due to its features of energy saving, high efficiency, safety and environmental protection.It is widely used in schools, hospitals, hotels and other fields, especially in the bath place.

Taking a foot bath in shenyang as example, coal-fired boilers were used as heating equipment before. Later, due to poor performance and high cost, the operators of the bath chose to dismantle the boilers and use the air energy heat pump system as the new generation of hot water supply equipment.

There are several reasons for the choice of air energy heat pump as water supply equipment in the bath center:

First, to a large extent ,this equipment is very safe to avoid all kinds of explosions, leakage of electricity and other accidents, so that guests can be safe to wash and enjoy.

Second, the air can heat pump is through the absorption of free energy in the air to heat but not use natural gas. The whole process will not cause any pollution gas or substances, which is very helpful for environmental protection.Although the air energy heat pump will also rely on electric energy to drive, but not directly use electricity to produce heat energy, so there is no electric heating element in the water tank, effectively put an end to the occurrence of electric shock accident.

Third, the air energy heat pump is green and environmentally-friendly with the national policy of coal to electricity,

Fourth, energy-saving can also be a major highlight of the heat pump.
Compared with the traditional heating equipment, its energy efficiency is high, the energy saving effect is obvious, there are statistics, in one year using air heat pump heating can save tens of thousands of costs.

Air energy heat pump products are not only suitable for places such as bath centers, but also for places with hot water and heating needs.

It is believed that with the vigorous implementation of national policies, air energy as a clean energy will win high recognition in the market.

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