H.Stars Flooded Type Screw Water Cooled Chiller-----The successful refrigeration system of well-known Indonesian enterprises 2019-03-20

In November and December 2018, a well-known Indonesian company purchased three Flooded type screw water-cooled chillers at Guangzhou H.Stars (Guangzhou)Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd. Two of them are 120tons of 40STD-FM690WS4 Flooded type screw water-cooled chillers, and the other one is 385tons of 40STD-FM2120WD4 Flooded type screw water-cooled chillers, mainly used in the food industry.

H.Stars Flooded type screw water-cooled chiller has higher heat transfer efficiency, and the temperature difference between the outlet water temperature and the evaporation temperature is small, and the resistance along the path is small. It is suitable for units with large circulation and good cooling effect.

Applications: Air-conditioning environment such as hotels, theaters, office buildings, shopping plazas, food, medicine, plastic chemicals, instrumentation and other process cooling places.

Unit parameters: evaporator in/outlet water temperature: 12/7℃, condenser in/ outlet water temperature: 32/37℃, using R134a refrigerant.

Unit characteristics

(1) The energy consumption of dry type similar products is reduced by 10% ~ 15%.

(2) The screw compressor is adopted, which has stable performance, low noise and long service life of the motor.

(3) The high-efficiency Flooded Type shell-and-tube heat exchanger is matched with the compressor, and the result is compact and the heat exchange capability is strong.

(4) The advanced throttling device prolongs the service life of several groups while improving the effect of the whole machine.

(5) The energy efficiency rating is 3-1.

The following is a detailed map of the unit:

Pictures before shipment(40STD-FM690WS4)

Pictures before shipment(40STD-FM2120WD4)

Old equipment used by customers, need to be replaced with our new equipment

Successfully installed our new equipment and commissioning test ok.

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