The Importance of Chiller Maintenance | 2021-01-29

In summer and winter, it is the busiest time for our after-sales. Because many customers use the unit incorrectly and cause chiller failure. So let's talk about the importance of unit maintenance, how to ensure that the chiller is always in the best condition, maintain the highest efficiency, and extend the life of the chiller.

Chiller maintenance

Maintenance refers to preventive maintenance of the unit, and the customer is responsible for formulating unit maintenance procedures based on actual conditions. Qualified equipment management engineers and specialized unit operators are required to perform routine maintenance and regular maintenance on the unit. The maintenance of the unit should be carried out by a qualified chiller maintenance companies.

The most basic work in the maintenance of the industrial chiller is to actually record the operating parameters of the unit at appropriate intervals (for example, one hour) every day, and fill in the unit operating parameter table. The operating parameter table can refer to the "H.Stars chiller operating parameter record table" to compile the customer's own suitable format. A true and complete record of operating parameters helps to analyze the possible development trend of the unit's operation, and helps to discover and predict the possible problems of the unit in time, so as to prevent it before they happen.

For example, through the analysis and comparison of one-month operation records, it may be found that the difference between the condensing temperature of the unit and the cooling water outlet temperature is increasing. This trend indicates that the cooling water may be dirty or harder, and the condenser tube bundle Scaling is continuing, and the water needs to be softened or cleaned.

chiller maintenance companies

Poor quality of chilled water and cooling water will not only cause scale in the heat transfer tubes, affect heat exchange efficiency and reduce unit performance, but also corrode the heat transfer tubes and cause major failures of the unit. Customers should perform water quality treatment in accordance with the requirements of GB50050-1995 "Code for Design of Industrial Circulating Cooling Water Treatment". When the chilled water system is a closed system, soft water should be used. If the requirements are not met, water quality treatment should be performed.

In addition to the maintenance of the cooling water circuit, there is of course the maintenance of the compressor. The refrigerating oil is like the blood of the compressor. Long-term operation will cause loss and produce a lot of impurities. Regular cleaning and replacement of the refrigerating oil will effectively extend the service life of the compressor so that the operation of the unit remains stable to the maximum extent.

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