How to do daily maintenance of air-cooled chillers | 2021-01-22

Air-cooled chillers, as a more efficient refrigeration equipment in chiller products, are widely used in the domestic industrial market and become necessary equipment for many industrial production.

air-cooled chillers

At the same time, although the industrial air-cooled chiller is equipped with multiple protection devices, these are all to prevent failures from directly damaging the unit. If the company wants to ensure that the air-cooled chiller with high cooling efficiency and long service life, then it must remember to do regular maintenance. Therefore, how should the normal safety maintenance and inspection of air-cooled chillers be carried out?

industrial air-cooled chiller

1) Check the stability of voltage and current
When the air-cooled chiller works normally, the voltage is 380V (the voltage of DYJ-01A~DYJ-02A is 220V, and the voltage of other regions abroad also has 410V, etc.), and the current is normal within the range of 11A-15A;

2) Check the compressor regularly
The compressor is the "heart" of the chiller, and its quality directly affects the stability of the chiller. The necessary acceptance test for the chiller should be carried out in accordance with the principle of air tightness test first, vacuum test second, sub-item test first, and complete machine test second.

3) Clean regularly
In addition to checking the technical performance of the chiller, it is also important to protect the clean appearance of the chiller and the cleanliness of the work site. When the air-cooled chiller is running for 6 months, the entire system must be cleaned, such as pipes, filters, condensers, fans, etc., especially fans. Like our commonly used fans, dust will affect heat dissipation, so the cooling efficiency will Direct reduction

4) Check the meter regularly
The temperature control meter is out of control. Replace the temperature control meter. High pressure failure. Poor heat dissipation. The radiator is too dirty. The cleaning radiator is not good enough. Improve the ventilation conditions. The heat dissipation fan does not work. , Replace the high-pressure engine.

5) Check whether the refrigerant has decreased or not regularly
Judge according to the high and low pressure gauge values on the front of the air-cooled chiller. When the chiller is running normally, the high pressure is 11-17kg, and the low pressure is 3-5kg. In shutdown state, both high pressure and low pressure are around 0.6kg.

The high-efficiency refrigeration function of air-cooled chillers is inseparable from the daily maintenance and safety inspection of the products, so it is very important to check the operation of air-cooled chillers.

In addition to the main inspections above, it is also necessary to check the oil level and oil temperature of each compressor, check the main power supply voltage and current, and check whether the set value of the chilled water supply temperature is appropriate. If there is a problem, make changes in time.

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