Water cooled chiller for textile factory in Indonesia 2020-04-02

One of the textile factory projects with cooling system from Indonesia approached H.Stars Group with its requirement of 2 units high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly water chiller for the factory cooling system. H.Stars Group R&D team has designed the equipment with R134a refrigerant high efficiency flooded type water cooled chiller with COP upto 5.6 with energy saving.

Water cooled chiller

Water cooled screw flooded type Chiller selection details :
(1) The chiller uses refrigerant R134a compressor with power supply 380V-3-50Hz, condenser in/outlet water temperature 32℃/ 37℃, evaporator in/outlet  temperature 12 ℃/ 7℃, cooling capacity 450kW, compressor input power 80kW;
(2) The chiller uses stepless control and equipped with a Modbus communication protocol, and RS485 communication interface reserved;
(3) High pressure and low pressure gauges are installed in the refrigerant system;
(4) Water flow switches are installed on the condenser and evaporator of the chiller;
(5) Throttle mode is orifice plate and Danfoss electronic expansion valve;
(6) Use Schneider miniature circuit breakers instead of ordinary fuses;

H.Stars Group Flooded Type Water Cooled Chiller profiles

The Flooded Type Water Cooled Chiller with Heat Recovery is self-manufactured by H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd, adopted self-design and self-manufactured condenser and shell and tube evaporator. H.Stars Chiller has obtained National Energy Saving Certificate. It’s widely applicable to commercial site such as hotel, thereat, office building and shopping mall, and it is also applicable to food processing, pharmaceutical, plastic injection and other industrial application. Cooling capacity range: 120KW-6351KW, chilled water outlet temperature 5-20 degrees, cooling water temperature range 15 °C -40 °C. In addition to the standard specifications,  different power supply and special requests can also be customized.

Chiller Pictures
100% of H.Stars Equipment will be tested before shipping .
Witness test in our National Test Laboratory before delivery to our clients.

Water cooled chiller

The loading pictures for shipping

Water cooled chiller

Water cooled chiller

Water cooled chiller

The install site pictures

Water cooled chillerWater cooled chiller

H.Stars Group engineers at site for commissioning.

Water cooled chiller Water cooled chiller

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