Standard process and precautions for installing central air conditioning water system 2019-05-12
The central air-conditioning water system refers to the use of water as a refrigerant or a heat medium carrier. The cooling or heating of the heat medium water is first sent to the fan coil (the indoor unit of the central air-conditioning system of the water system), and the heat or cold energy is applied at the end by the fresh air or the mixed air. A central air conditioning unit that is fed into a designated area. So do you know the standard process for installing a central air conditioning water system?

Central air conditioning water system diagram

The first step: When the water & electric comes into the project site contact with the installation and decoration to the arrange installation, it is necessary to start the installation position of the central air-conditioning indoor unit and the design of the pipeline, to avoid the installation of the pipeline of the central air-conditioning system after the hydropower line is laid. Conflict, avoid affecting the use of central air conditioning At this time, the fan coil should be wrapped to avoid the entry of dust and impurities; install the pipe, including the supply and return pipes, condensate pipes, signal lines, etc., and protect the refrigerant pipe joints.

Step 2: Lift the central air conditioner outdoor unit 24 hours after the first installation; test the central air conditioning system to measure the size and position of the tuyere.

Step 3: After the second installation or after the installation of the indoor ceiling is completed, install the air outlet, and then test the central air-conditioning water machine to meet the cooling and heating requirements, so be sure to select the appropriate location to ensure the heat dissipation of the host.

There are several precautions in the design of the installation location: the cold air sinks and the hot gas rises. Since the refrigerant is heavier than the air, it will diffuse on the ground once it leaks. Therefore, if the air conditioning unit is installed in a closed room, it must be Do a good job of ventilation.

In order to meet the needs of maintenance, inspection and cleaning of the evaporator and condenser heat exchange tubes, the unit must have sufficient pumping space, and the reserved space is larger than the unit evaporator, and the length of the condenser is appropriate. Complete drainage should be achieved around the unit and the entire machine room to prevent the condensate from freezing and affecting the normal drainage, thus affecting the normal operation of the central air conditioning unit of the water system.

The above is the standard process and precautions in the process of installing the central air-conditioning water system. In the central air-conditioning industry, there is a saying called “three-point product, seven-point installation”. It can be seen that the installation problem is very important in the after-sales problem of central air-conditioning equipment. Influence, installation problems, no matter how good the machine can not play a real advantage, it is recommended that you must find a professional central air-conditioning installation factory or construction team, so as not to affect the later use.

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