The difference between square type crossflow closed circuit cooling tower and traditional open cooling tower 2019-05-08

H.Stars Group water cooled chiller unit always need to adopt cooling tower to supply water to the cooling system . Hence, H.Stars has summarizes the difference between square type cross flow closed circuit cooling tower and traditional open cooling tower.

The cooling water of the open cooling tower is directly contact with the air for heat exchange in the packing process, so the purity of the cooling water system cannot be maintained, and the cooling water inevitably absorbs dust and bacteria from the air. However, in the closed cooling tower, the cooling water flows in the coil, and the spray water and air are outside the disc, so the cooling water and the outside air are not in contact, and the purity of the cooling water system can be kept forever.

Advantages of square type crossflow closed circuit cooling tower

1. The cooling tower series has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, energy saving, stable operation, etc.
2. It can keep the purity of the cooling water for a long time and avoid the replacement of a large amount of cooling water. Moreover, due to the closed system, the evaporation of the cooling water and the loss of the drifting water are avoided, so that customers can save more operating water charges and it is more suitable for use in areas where water resources are inadequate.
3. Since the purity of the cooling water greatly reduces the possibility of scaling and bacterial growth in the cooling water system, the purification of the water system and the cleaning of the pipeline are reduced, which can save the customer a large daily maintenance cost.
4. Since the cooling water is not directly contact with the air, so it does not pollute the cooling water and water system. Therefore, the closed cooling tower can work in places with bad air conditions, such as dusty and smelly places.

The application industry of Square type crossflow closed circuit cooling tower

The cooling water of the cooling tower can provide the need of cooling for the production process and the machine. The industries it adapts to are:

Air conditioning equipment industry
Metal processing industry
Energy industry
Chemical industry
Plastic products industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Video processing industry

The working principles of square type crossflow closed circuit cooling tower

The working fluid (water, oil or other liquid) flows in the coil clock and the outer wall of the coil is wrapped by the spray water. The heat of the fluid is transmitted through the wall of the tube, and the saturated hot and humid air is formed with the water and the air, and the heat is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. The parts are blocked and sprayed back to the sink, and the consumption is very small. The spray water reduces the water temperature through the PVC heat-dissipating material during the circulation process, and flows in the same direction as the fresh air. The coil mainly relies on the sensible heat conduction mode. An important feature of the principle is the maximum possible suppression of scale formation on the outer wall of the coil.

Square type crossflow closed circuit cooling tower Features:

1. Convenient transportation and installation

Factory assembly

Modular organization

Single-sided air intake and two-sided air intake

2. Extraordinary heat exchanging performance

Low energy consumption, simple and reliable operation, and low maintenance costs. The product uses the combination of coiled water and coiled pre-cooling of the air and water co-flow mixed-flow secondary heat exchange to achieve efficient heat transfer. The air and cooling water flow in the same direction through the surface of the coil, ensuring that the cooling water can completely cover the surface of the coil to make the surface of the coil always completely wet. Compared with the reverse structure of air and water, the formation of dry spots and scale on the surface of the coil is effectively avoided, and efficient heat exchange is realized. The cross-type water collection design strictly controls the drifting water loss, and its water rinsing rate is less than 0.001%.

3. The examination and repair are convenient, because of no need to trun off the machine

The huge space inside the tower provides revolutionary convenience for the routine maintenance of the equipment. The repair of the coils at the key parts is simple and easy due to the structure of the equipment; the float valve and the filter can be repaired without stopping the machine. The nozzle and coil can be easily inspected while the unit is still in operation.

4. Low operating costs, energy saving and environmental protection

For the unique structure of this product, as well as its unique high thermal performance, the working medium temperature is low, running nodes; the water is saving; the noise is low; there’s no drifting; the maintenance costs is low. It is a true energy-saving and environmentally friendly product.

5. Low failure rate
Both the fan and the pump are made of high quality bearings, and there are no other running wear parts.
The fan adopts a direct-connected structure and has no transmission loss caused by the pulley structure.The noise is Low and the failure rate is low.

6. Auxiliary equipment available
For some small cooling projects, we can connect the closed cooling tower with the circulating water pump, circulating water tank and control system to form an integral model, which is convenient for users to use the product.

Hot and humid air outlet

Fresh air inlet

Process fluid outlet

Process fluid inlet

Fan motor

Coil (copper pipe or steel pipe)

Water collector

Spray pump

PVC heat sink

Sprinkler system

Fan motor

The fan adopts aluminum alloy blade cooling tower special axial flow fan, which has high strength, large air volume, low energy consumption, low noise and long service life. The streamlined high-strength air cylinder ensures the inlet of the fan and the outlet airflow is uniform, minimizing the fan energy consumption.

The motor adopts a motor for the fully enclosed cooling tower, which is suitable for long-term continuous operation in a humid and hot environment. It has high efficiency, low noise, long life and high reliability.

Heat exchange coil

The heat exchange coil is a key component of the cooling tower, and is made of a copper tube or a high-quality copper tube; the interior is cooled by a cooling medium, and the external water is sprayed to achieve cooling requirements;

Steel pipe (G type) or stainless steel pipe (S type), after grading and going through three 2.5Mpa strong pressure test, to ensure that the weld quality is 100% qualified, the whole pipe bundle is hot dip galvanized in the high temperature melting tank as a whole to ensure excellent performance of the coil

Copper tube (T type): Deoxidized T2 high quality copper tube is used. The connection between copper tube and elbow is welded by silver electrode. The welding point is small and the quality is good. The design pressure is 1.2Mpa.

Stainless steel tube (S type): optional from 304 or 316 stainless steel. Its anti-corrosion ability can reach: NaCI solution with chlorine content of 750 ppm; sulfide (such as S04) content of 1200 ppm; calcification (such as CaCo3) content of 800 ppm; silicon content (such as SiO2) of 150 ppm, design operation temperature difference of 27.8 °C. The circulating water should not contain oil, fatty acids or organic dissolved substances.

Protective panel

The cooling tower protective panel is made of imported galvanized sheet. It is one of the strongest corrosion-resistant galvanized sheets. Its service life is 3-6 times of ordinary galvanized sheet, and it has strong and excellent heat resistance with Beautiful appearance, etc.

Spray pump

It adopts high-quality mechanical seal that is not restricted by steering, has no leakage, long service life, and uses special outdoor type motor and special imported bearing to ensure long-term reliable operation of the pump, with low power, low lift, large flow, low noise, etc. Features.

PVC heat sink

PVC heat-dissipating filler is a film-type filler with an oxygen index of 33, which meets the national B1 flame-retardant standard. Each piece of packing has its own water collector and louver. The packing is suspended from a galvanized steel pipe supported by the tower structure.

Water collector

The detachable water collector adopts high-quality PVC material, and its structure can effectively remove the moisture in the humid air by changing the flow direction of the air, so that the water drips rate is below 0.001%; maximally save water resources and ensure the tower body There is no pollution around, which can prevent the spread of Legionella bacteria.

Spray distribution system

The large-flow basket type nozzle is used to ensure that the cloth water is continuously and evenly sprayed on the wall of the coil. Under the action of the air, the water is wrapped to the surface of the coil to the maximum extent, so that the water, fresh air and the medium in the tube are fully exchanged. The nozzle is connected to the spray pipe for easy removal.

Electronic descaler (optional accessory)

Using electronic pulse technology to descale the circulating water, sterilizing and algae treatment, using 220V power supply, effectively reducing the formation of coil structure and filler surface structure.

Electric control box (optional accessory)

Including the on-off of the fan motor, pump motor, integrated temperature controller for temperature control, sink heater and water level controller, frequency conversion control system.

Immersion electric heater (optional accessory)

The heater is a stainless steel heater. During shutdown, in order to prevent the water in the collection basin from freezing, it is necessary to provide a system consisting of an electric heater and control immersed in water in each tower.

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